Oilers looking for goals… Sens looking for grit… A deal to be made?

It seems like a natural fit. The Oilers have too many forwards, too many who fill the same role. Grit and checking is their game. The Oil have too few gifted passers or forwards with the much needed offensive flare. In the Sens, what has been painfully obvious is that the team Europe approach doesn’t work. The right mix of brute force and talent is needed. The Sens honestly don’t have the needed grit to make it out of the first round in a gritty eastern conference.

Rumours before the trade deadline last season had Tom Poti going to the Sens in a deal that would see Alberta native Chris Phillips come home.

Now, Edmonton faces a season with few proven scorers. The Sens still face the same dilema. No grit.

Tom Poti not in camp, Lowe is still playing hard ball with his talented and struggling defenseman. There is no real urgency to sign the young American.

A dream deal in the making? Could Alfredsson last without injury in the fast paced, more skilled western conference?

Food for thought: Tom Poti, Sean Brown, and either Rem Murray or Mike Grier for Chris Phillips and Daniel Alfredsson.

Is Lowe thinking this big? Or bigger?