Could the Oilers go after Miller?

So what does MacTavish do? Frankly the man looked like Kevin Lowe, his current boss, back in 2006 when Lowe, then GM, made do with a revolving door of  Jussi Markkanen (3.13 avg), Mike Morrison (2.83) and Ty Conklin (2.80) in net for most of the season before they got lucky and brought in Dwayne Roloson to save the day at the trade deadline.

This is only five games in though. Yet, the unrest with the higher management is palpable.

Dubnyk, somehow, has to work his way out of this funk and soon, or…

Teams aren’t giving up goalies, and, no, I don’t think Ilya Bryzgalov, currently stationed in Las Vegas in the ECHL, would be an upgrade. The only NHL goalie who could be available is Miller, who is UFA next July, Would the Oilers try for him? He’s 0-4 this season in Buffalo, but he  has a .941 save percentage and a 2.29 average.

Who knows how unhappy MacTavish is? All I know is Dubnyk, a good man, has fallen into a deep, dark hole, and there isn’t a lot of light he can see right now.