Oilers not likely to trade for Bernier

Q. Why don’t the Oilers trade for Kings goalie Jonathan Bernier? Then we would have two No. 1s and Devan Dubnyk wouldn’t have the sole pressure of being that guy.

(Brian Green)

A: It does make some sense to have two relatively young goalies pushing one another (survival of the fittest), so a Bernier trade has some merit, but I don’t think we’ll see it. I think Dubnyk is just fine with being The Guy. He’s not 21, he’s 26. He’s mature. There’s a better chance of Toronto trading for Bernier — the Kings need some offence, plus help on the blue-line with Matt Greene out (back surgery). But L.A. doesn’t seem in any hurry to move him even though Jonathan Quick will play about 80 per cent of the games.

Edmonton Journal