Online slots myths explained

Since human beings are alive, there has been a strong need for creating stories on everything so to spice up reality and have something more interesting to tell.

This has happened with casino games as well. Over the years, people have spread so many misconceptions and false ideas on Thor slots to make it even more difficult to distinguish what was real from what was pure fantasy.

Have you ever heard people saying that machines located in traffic areas of the casino are luckier than all the ones located in quieter areas or that warming up your coins up before playing a game can enhance your chances of winning?  Well, if all of this has happened to you, it means you already know some of the most common myths on slots. Let’s see some other ones.

Slot machines are programmed

A popular belief on slot says that they are programmed in advance. Some people think the alternation of spins before a victory is established in advance. So, after a victory, you need to wait for the next series to get completed. This is completely untrue. They work randomly.

Play only on certain days

According to some players, if you play on certain days, you enhance your chances of getting successful and win. Again, these machines are completely arbitrary so the possibilities you win on certain days are the same you have on other days. Then, play whenever you want it.

Casino bonuses make you lose

As we all know, casino bonuses are meant to give an incentive to new players so to make them choose a casino rather than another. There is a theory that says that using an offer to play at slots, reduces the opportunity to make a winning.

Leprechauns are responsible for your winnings

We hope we are going to snatch a smile from you with this next myth.

Besides being programmed in advance, it seems that slots have inside them little leprechauns that make you win or lose at their will. Then, if you want to win, just unleash your best smile and hope for the best!

The temperature of coins matters

Warming up their coins before starting playing slot is a real tradition for some players. They are convinced that the temperature of coins may influence the final result. They don’t have human feelings so they are unable to perceive things like this.

Stay away from machines that just paid out

How many times have you seen a player celebrating his victory in front of a slot? Well, according to some people you should stay away from that machine and try another one. The fact that that game has just paid another player means it is going to take a while before it may reward a new one.


As you may well understand, these myths are just pure fantasy. There is no correlation between a slot machine and the physical objects that surround it. It’s all a matter of luck. Then, good luck!

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