Ottawa Senators Chris Phillips could be on the move

Chris Phillips realizes Thursday could be his last game at Canadian Tire Centre as a member of the home team.

He doesn’t need the reminder he’ll get when he sees his old friend Daniel Alfredsson wearing a Detroit Red Wings jersey.

Nobody thought Alfredsson, a Senators’ lifer like Phillips, would ever leave the organization, right?

“Nobody thought (Wayne) Gretzky would get traded either, or Ray Bourque … you can go on and on,” said Phillips, the Senators first overall pick in 1996 who has paid them back with 1122 of loyal, steady service.

“Obviously my life is here. I’ve been here since Day 1 and right now no, I couldn’t imagine being anywhere else. But I have to be realistic about pro sports and everything that goes on with it, that there’s a possibility that could happen some day.”

That day could be any of them leading up to Mar. 5, the NHL trade deadline. Phillips is eligible to be a free agent July 1. The Senators, who have a youthful blue line, could re-sign him. Given his leadership qualities and still dependable D-zone play, it would be a good idea. But if they don’t, if they hang on to him through the trade deadline, they run the risk of losing him for nothing, like they did Alfredsson.