Ovechkin Will Sign In Montreal – True or False?

I have started to become an Eklund fan. Although he blows more hot air than my heater, he is entertaining. I have started reading his blog on a regular basis. However, every once in a while, Eklund really PISSES ME OFF. In his latest article, he is exploiting the possibility that Ovechkin might sign in Montreal, seeing that his contract negotiations (he received one offer, I’d hardly call that negotiations) are falling through with Washington.

Why he would (extremely unsourced):
1) He’s got a good friend in Markov here who might give him a call.
2) He has expressed interest in playing in Montreal (that’s sweet, but I don’t buy it)
3) Montreal is a hockey-craved market which certain players, like Ovechkin, might like to play in.
4) Montreal truly does need a franchise player, and Ovechkin is a all-star with size, something Montreal desperately needs.
Why he won’t (I’ll just name the big ones, I don’t want to keep you folks forever):
1) Does anyone really think that Washington would let Ovechkin go? More than half their crowd shows up JUST to see him play. If Alex wants 9-10M, Alex gets 9-10M!
2) We all know that having a friend in a city doesn’t mean ****. Hockey players know that being in a good city, with a good crowd, and a good pay with sponsorships is all that’s important. Family too I guess, but hey, he’s Russian!
3) Is Bob Gainey an idiot, Eklund? Is he going to throw away everything he’s built over the past few years on Ovechkin? I’m really sorry, but the number of picks to salary ratio slips my mind (if someone could enlighten me) but I think it’s something like 3 high picks if you pay more than 7M. That would seriously hamper Montreal’s growth.
4) Do we really want to pay a player 9-10M. I don’t care how good he is. I’d be much happier having 3 Higgins on my team rather than 1 Ovechkin. No player is worth that money. The maximum I would be willing to pay Ovechkin is 8M. And that’s only because Crosby got something similar, and there is not a single player in the NHL that is worth more than Crosby (think of his long-term value).
Your thoughts?