4 for 44

Jiri Dopita scored 4 goals yesterday- admittedly against the Atlanta Thrashers- nonetheless his season may be facing a huge turnaround for the better as his Philadelphia Flyers begin their ascendency to the top. One probably shouldn’t read too much into it though: wait and see if things continue this way for Dopita.

Is Burke finished trading?

I am a loyal Vancouver Canucks fan and I am happy with the trades General Manager Brian Burke has thus far done. Now all he has to do to make the team as best as they can be.

Ripe for a new WHA?

With regards to the many complaints of the referees, I’ve begun to ask myself a new question: if a new league, committed to providing clean and enjoyable hockey, sprang up against the National Hockey League, would it outdraw and eventually dethrone the NHL? With the NHL’s poor ratings and even worse attendance, at least south of the Canadian border, I’m guessing that the new league does stand a chance, not like the doomed XFL against the National Football League, since the NHL isn’t very strong on the North American scale (at least when compared to the NFL).

All is not well in the Sports World

Over the past few years, considerable mention has been made regarding hockey’s continuing losing battle in the United States with football, baseball and basketball, and the debate has led me to speculate: how are the other sports doing? Is hockey clearly the only inept sport or are the other sports in a state of mismanagement? Also, if the sports have problems, how are they staying ahead of hockey? My research and observations have shown that the whole sports world needs a new direction, not just hockey.


Hello HTR members. I received an article from MantaRay as his Mid Term grades for the Devils players. I already posted mine for the Rangers on a different site and obviously I would only get bashed and little reads on it if I posted it on here. BUT I have an idea.

I would like to post an article with every teams’ players’ Mid Term Grades written by YOU. Since I don’t want this site’s Submitted Articles section to overload, e-mail me your Mid Term Grades for your team’s players. I will pick out the best and most reasonable ones. So, I know I will receive more than one Flyers Mid term Grades, and I will pick out the best. Here is a lay-out:

Player’s Name: Grade (A+ to F) and a very brief comment, two sentences or three, but not too long.

Here is my e-mail: mikda1@go.com

Winnipeg will have a new NHL team

Winnipeg “the center of Canada and probably the best hockey city in the country” may once again showcase a National Hockey League franchise. Sources (very good ones) have told myself that local intrests from Winnipeg Goldeyes tycoon Sam Katz and old Winnipeg Jets owner Barry Shenkarow have thrown together enough money, along with a new downtown arena, to potentially bring the NHL back to Winnipeg. This should bring joy to Winnipeg fans angry at the loss of the Jets since the original team left for Phoenix in 1996.

Ottawa majority owner sells his share

Faceoff.com today is reporting that Ottawa Senators majority owner Rod Bryden has sold his share of the Ottawa Senators to a limited partnership group for $186.65 million. Bryden, however, will remain on to run the Senators as he had been doing prior to the sale.

He also holds a 10-year option under the sales agreement to buy the team back and stated that he plans to use that option.

How will this help the Senators? Well, the most important part for their fans is that it gaurantees that the Senators will remain in Ottawa. The rest is just speculation.

Faceoff.com Story

Forsberg Rportedly to Return to Avs Before Olympics

SportsLine.com wire reports

DENVER — Peter Forsberg is expected to return to the Colorado Avalanche before the start of the Olympics, which begin Feb. 8, the Denver Post reported on its website Tuesday morning.

Disrespect or Respect Theo Fleury?

Theo Fleury is the shortest player in the NHL, yet one of the toughest and most aggressive. He is a gritty player who shows his emotions during a game. When Fleury is on fire, he could be dominant and lethal to teams. He can change the momentum of the game by drawing penalties and aggravating his opponents. But, Fleury could as well hurt his own teammates and cost them a win. He is the type of player who referees hate to handle situations with. What is worse of all though, is Fleury’s personal problems conflicting with his game and team. What will happen this season?

Checkmanek or Boucher who will go?

Many people are talking about trading one of the flyers 2 co-starting goalies. The question is which one should go? And in my mind i think there is no doubt that it should be Cechmanek. I realize everbody will have there own opinion(which i would like to hear). But here is why i choose Cechmanek

Lindros Has Seventh Concussion

Eric Lindros sustained his 7th concussion, but a very mild and minor concussion.

Free Agents – 2002

Here is a list of all the free agents that will be avaliable after this season. All courtesy of “The Hockey News” – January 4th edition.

Mid-Term Grades

First half of the season is finally over, for the most part. I tried to be as reasonable as possible giving the grades out to the teams, ad explaining why. Obviously I will get negative and positive comments. If you have a negative comment, then discuss and tell me why you disagree. I rather have that than an immature comment. Thank you.