Senators Update

The Ottawa Senators have played a very inconsistent season so far. They have had many winning streaks, but also many losing streaks. Most fans in Ottawa are used to the team being in the top three in Conference at this point in the season, but right now, they are in 7th place. This has caused many Sens fans to panick and point fingers at players. They are blaming players such as Wade Redden, Patrick Lalime, and Radek Bonk. Maybe it is time to make some more serious changes in Ottawa. At a press conference after the Leafs ousted the Sens in the playoffs, Roy Mlakar promised the fans some serious changes in Ottawa. So far, there has been one. The Yashin deal is the only big change that the Sens have made. They have made some small changes, but none of them have had a serious impact.

Canucks long-term winners of Hlavac trade

Needless to say, last season’s pleasant surprise, Team Vancouver of the National Hockey League, is, like its teenagers Twins Sedins, unable to eschew the infamous ‘sophomore jinx’. Thus, Canucks GM Mr. Burke, who was known largely for his favouritsm on players and his support to complete blockbuster deals, pulled the trigger recently, dealing constant criminal Brashear, one of the most intimidating enforcers of all time, and a sixth-round selection, in exchange for younger forward Jan Hlavac and a third-round draft pick

Time for Theodore to be the #1

Jose Theodore is young and is showing to everybody that he can be the #1 goalie in Montreal. Only Patrick Roy and Nikolai Khabibulin have better stats than him this year in the NHL.

Habs have won a lot of games this year thanks to Theo. Unfortunately, Hackett has not been able to save/win games since his return from his injury. The Habs can’t loose games with Hackett in the goal, but they play him only to show other teams, or in hope, that he will be as good as two years ago.

They need to be in the playoffs this year, and only Theo is able to bring them to the playoffs. In anyway, Hackett has absolutely no trade-in value, and the more he plays, the lower his value is on the market. Even though Hackett is paid twice more than Theo, the best goalie has to play. Michel Therrien and Andre Savard should understand that.

If the Canadiens have only one player in the all-star game, Theodore should be the one. Don’t you think?

What hockey stuff I got for Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone!! And Happy Boxing Day to you holiday impaired Canadiens! (hehe just kiddin’) Santa brought me all kind cool hockey related goodies for Christmas! So I figured I’d tell ya’ what I got and find out what cool hockey junk came in your stocking!

I gotta Temmu Selanne official Team Finland olympic hockey jersey, and matching hat. A Toronto Maple Leafs third jersey! (laugh it up Leafs fans) Although I’m still deciding what player to get on the back (any suggestions?) plus a Flyers pull over.

But this isn’t about me! What hockey stuff did Santa bring you?

Again Happy Holidays everyone!

GM Burke, Hlavac, Bertuzzi, Brashear, Dvorak, and GM Sather; Behind the Scenes

Many of you heard of Bertuzzi rumors to the Rangers, and they all sounded false. Many of you are still confused about the Hlavac deal for Brashear. Many of you wonder why Dvorak is having a slumpy 1st half of the season. Many of you are now wondering, where am I going with this.

Will the Rangers reunite the Czech Line?

Will Glen Sather make a trade and reunite the Czech Line? I hope so. If he does the Rangers will have 2 of the best lines in hockey. The Rangers will become true competitors if a trade takes place. Possible trade: Jan Hlavac for Manny Malhotra,Petr Smrek, and/or a draft pick. Vancouver may have to add a draft pickor player themselves. Please feel free to comment.

Read the Power Rankings of ESPN and CBS. Are the media doing a good job, or are they showing their lack of knowledge and think they are smarter than any original hockey fan?

What about a Quebec team ?

Who could be part of a Quebec team if ever they get independant ? Well, it won’t happen any

time soon but let’s take a look of how they would look in the olympic. Could they beat a team

like Finland or Slovakia ? Or what about a Quebec / Ontario / B-C competition ?

Just for fun…

Flyers have dealt Jan Hlavac and a 3rd rounder to Vancouver for Donald Brashear, a 6th rounder and future considerations.


A different look on trade rumours- Dec. 13 Edition

In this week’s edition of “A different look on trade rumours”, I’ll be looking at the continuing Vincent Lecavalier sweepstakes, the St. Louis Blues’ continuing offensive problems, the New York Rangers’ trade with the Tampa Bay Lightning and what the Calgary Flames need to do to spark up their team.

The Lindros dream shattered? The Cycle has begun….

Ranger fans believe that Lindros and New York is a match made in heaven, but are they just making the same mistake as so many of us Flyer Fans? No doubt, Lindros is a forced to be reckoned with when on the ice. The problem is when he is not on the ice, like tonight after the Rangers lost him. Teams become so dependent on Lindros to win, that when he is out of the game they are almost helpless. Lindros always seemed to get injured just when things were looking up for the Flyers, and now the cycle has begun for the Rangers.


SLAM! HOCKEY: Kevin Nielsen reports speculation continues to grow of potential player movement for the Vancouver Canucks. During the recent Canucks-Lightning matchup, 18 scouts were seen at the game, while Anaheim Mighty Ducks GM Pierre Gauthier was sited in the private box of his Vancouver counterpart, Brian Burke. Nielsen writes Ducks forward Jeff Friesen may be available.

Rangers Acquire Barnaby

The New York Rangers aquired Matthew Barnaby from Tampa Bay on Wednesday for Zdeno Ciger. Barnaby should add more toughness and even a little goal scoring to NY while Ciger will provide Tampa with an offensive winger to possibly play with Vinny Lecavalier.