Stats and Stories

Some quick stories and observations as well as the continuing look at who’s performing and who’s not. There are more than a few underachievers this year, some who haven’t been pointed out yet.

Trade Rumors

Trade Rumors, the most interesting topic we all love yet never believe in them. Kariya to the Rangers? Selanne running away from Sharks? Leafs interested in Lapointe!!!!! *Ahem* no…not Martin Lapointe, Claude Lapointe.

Slava to be a Canadien !

After being benched for the entire game against New York on monday night , Slava Kozlov has asked for a trade.


Hockey commentator and Author Al Strachen recently said that the Montreal Canadiens are still interested in him from the last years off -season , when they were trying to acuire him before he was traded to Buffalo for Dominik Hasek .

He said that the Canadien are willing to part with Souray and Dackell.

Possible Trade :

To Buffalo : Sheldon Souray , Andreas Dackell

To Montreal : Slava Kozlov , Dmitri Kalinin.

Oilers Seek Gomez

Oilers are looking at Scott Gomez to add some attack.

The deal could be Poti for Gomez straight up.


However, Oil should toss in Rem Murray and a draft and try to pick up a good young player in the deep NJ system, as well.


Pavel Bure’s Florida tenure could be nearing an end. The Russian Rocket hasn’t been able to balance Duane Sutter’s defensive sysytem with offensive opportunities. Now Bure is out with a concussion. The frustration level from teammates is becoming evident, as a few have called out the team’s best player, Bure, for not playing a complete effective game. If the Panthers aren’t going to compete for the Cup this year or next year, why pay Bure 10 million dollars? His departure isn’t imminent and the fans still like Bure but it is a situation worth watching. 

Elias on the move?

Last week, reported that Patrik Elias will ask for 7.5 million dollars next season through arbitration.  As everyone knows, the Devils aren’t as loose with money as some other teams are, and are reluctant to give another player, Bobby Holik, the 4 million he is asking for.  After recently signing Scott Stevens and Martin Broduer to huge contracts, it may not be out of the question to witness a blockbuster deal before July 1st next summer, possibly on draft day.  Look for 3 major suitors for Elias’ services: Detroit, Colorado, and Montreal.  Detroit would be esctatic to get a playmaker like Elias while he is still young.  Of course, who would they trade for him?  It would take alot to pry him away from the Devils.  Colorado could offer Alex Tanguay, Martin Skoula, and a 4th round draft pick, but they would only go after Elias if Forsberg does not return.  Montreal seems to be the best suitor for Elias.  They will undoubtedly have a top 5 draft pick, along with the current players they have, they can send a few 2nd line forwards along with the pick, and possibly, a little cash.  This is all talk right now, but if Elias is not resigned before the summer, nor is he traded before the deadline, don’t expect him to be in a Devil’s uniform next year unless they dump a lot of salaries in order to keep him, and I just don’t see that happening.

Ok You Little Hockey Fans! Who Is the Hockey NERD!? IT's TRIVIA!

Yes, you can be a hockey nerd! Hehe, nah, just kidding guys! Show who has the best knowledge. In order to make this fair, HTR members will only have until 7:00 pm on Monday to answer these Trivia Questions. The prize ISSSS…….well….heh, sorry it’s nothing, but you can climb up the latter to show the others who is a hockey god. Let the challenge begin!

What A Steal!!!

I’ve seen all the Montréal Canadiens games so far this year and I gotta say that what I have seen tonight against the Washington Capitals, was the best hockey from Montréal I’ve seen IN YEARS

Officials Pity the Capitals, Capitals Win Game With 10 Players on the Ice

As pathetic as this article will sound, it will make you laugh, but also feel disgusted by the way the officials have been performing their jobs. I am starting to smell a new word to use in the NHL…CORRUPTED!

Penguins, Chicago, Florida deal?

Sources report that the Florida Panthers, Chicago Blackhawks, and Pittsburgh Penguins are set to make a 3 way trade.  This is how it would work out:

To Chicago:  Robert Lang, Milan Kraft, Jason Wiemer, Brett Hedican and a mid-round draft pick from Pittsburgh

To Pittsburgh:  Tony Amonte, Marcus Nilson, 3rd round pick

To Florida:  Dan Lacouture, Eric Daze

I dont know about this one folks, it seems like the teams that needs to build the most (Florida) is stupidly throwing players around.  But in the case of Pittsburgh, they would get the scoring punch that they need.  Chicago would be fools to make this trade though.

Odd Man Out – Pt. II

Hey, trade rumors fans.  Yes, as promised, I am going to make further progress on that list of payers on each team who need to be traded.  Again, I’m not going to finish today, but I should get a little further.

Lumme traded for Manson!

It has been reported on SportsNet that Dave Manson has been traded to Dallas for Jyrki Lumme.

This trade just proves that Manson is not totally useless, as most people would have you believe. Lumme will look to help the Leafs on the PP and with their transition game.

Odd Man Out

   Since I liked Micki’s article on which players will be traded from each team in the Atlantic Division, I thought I would share my thoughts in respect to the entire NHL.