Odd Man Out – Pt. II

Hey, trade rumors fans.  Yes, as promised, I am going to make further progress on that list of payers on each team who need to be traded.  Again, I’m not going to finish today, but I should get a little further.

Lumme traded for Manson!

It has been reported on SportsNet that Dave Manson has been traded to Dallas for Jyrki Lumme.

This trade just proves that Manson is not totally useless, as most people would have you believe. Lumme will look to help the Leafs on the PP and with their transition game.

Odd Man Out

   Since I liked Micki’s article on which players will be traded from each team in the Atlantic Division, I thought I would share my thoughts in respect to the entire NHL.

Donald Audette traded to Montreal for Rucinsky!!

The Dallas Stars Wednesday traded winger Donald Audette and center Shaun Van Allen to the Montreal Canadiens for Martin Rucinsky and Benoit Brunet. Rucinsky has 8 points this season. Brunet has 2.

Tradable Players in the Atlantic Division

“Who’s in the dog house! Ooof, oof, ooof, ooof!”

As retarded as that sounds, I just cannot get it off my mind, and make fun of me as much as you want, but I like it!

Anyway, let’s get serious. Who are the tradable players in this Division? Comments and thoughts are needed for this article. I think we can have a big and very interesting discussion on this topic.


Here’s a story from Québec.

A radio station has stated that from unidentified sources, Patrick Roy of the Colorado Avalanche WOULD NOT GO TO THE OLYMPICS. I repeat: Patrick Roy WOULD NOT GO TO THE OLYMPICS!  



Lidstrom may be on the move !

Superstar defenceman Nicklas Lidstrom may be heading to Pittsburgh if the Detroit Red Wings do not sign him by the end of the season where upon he will be in the UFA category.

If I understand what is say’s at the RigidRink.com he may be heading to the Pens, who need defensive and offensive support for Lemieux and Straka and you ask why Kovalev is not listed there , well its because he is involved in this trade and here’s how it goes:

To Pittsburgh : Nicklas Lidstrom , and draft picks.

To Detroit : Alexie Kovalev , Janne Laukannen , Jan Hrdina.


Since training camp started I have been wondering which means more, winning the Gold Medal for your country, or the Stanley Cup for your team?   I wonder where an NHL Player’s priorities lay when posed this question?  How do you guys feel about it?

Buds Near Trade With Chicago

Toronto may be near a trade with Chicago and my sources show me that they have had many agreements in the past EX. Igor Korolev,Steve Thomas,Alex Karpotsev,Steve Sullivan.

The trade would have the leafs send Cory Cross and a Third round draft pick to Chicago for either Jaroslav Spacek or Boris Mironov.



Eriksson/Mironov or Spacek

2/8 Of Teams Season Review

A lot of changes, a lot of surprises, disappointments, and so on and so on. Check out the 2/8 section of this 2001-2002 Season Review.

Rangers/Flyers game a wake up call for Boardstreetbullies

The Rangers/Flyers game was like a show to bob clarke that eric lindros is worth more then he got for him, but that wasn’t the real issue Wednesday night.

Rumors, Rumors and more Rumors !

Latest rumor was heard on the Montreal sports station CKAC, that sent Martin Rucinsky to New York in return of tough guy Sandy McCarthy.

I have absolutly no comments concerning this rumor but one thing I don’t get :  why the hell would André Savard be looking for a tough guy up front when the main problem of the Habs is a lack of goal scoring ???

One is for sure, the Canadiens are not going to make the playoffs with the team they have right now.  And people here in Montreal realize that and ARE VERY OKOTA!!!

So look for trades very soon !


Richter Steals the Show, Along With Lindros

This was one of the best games so far this season. I know I should not write about games on HTR, but this deserves to be posted, mostly for “A True Hockey Story” for the Eric Lindros saga. Flyers showed a lot of good signs, they had a lot of chances, but Richter shut them down and for the most part, controlled the whole game. The Rangers did win the physical battles however, but this is only the end of the first chapter of the Lindros saga.

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