Pat Quinn

Seeing the effort of the Maple Leafs against the Sens, this team needs a new coach. This game was the biggest for the Leafs this year and the Leafs did nothing. This team lacks chemistry, discipline, fundamentals and heart.

Pat Quinn has Tie Domi playing on the same line as Sundin which makes no sense at all. This is a one of the many reasons why Sundin is not having a great year. I could go on this part forever.

The Leafs also lack chemistry and an identity which is a reflection of the coach. The Leafs are terribly fundamentally. The team keeps making the same mistakes over and over. This reflects the team discipline and focus.

The Leafs take dumb penalties. Also a reflection of discipline and the team’s style of play. Plus, when is the last time Pat Quinn has benched a player (besides O’Neill) for making constant mistakes and lack of discipline.

What is it going to take before people recognize that Pat Quinn is not a good NHL coach. His teams lack defence, discipline and accountability and is a big reason why his teams have not won a Stanley Cup.

It is time for a change. Pat Quinn should be shown door for a coach that demonstrates discipline and will not put up with bad fundamental hockey.