A big list of players who the Penguins may consider trading for

If Shero opts to bring in rentals, as he did in 2013 with Jarome Iginla, Brenden Morrow and Douglas Murray, some players from teams doomed to miss the playoffs who might get consideration are:

* New York Islanders defenseman Andrew MacDonald. He moves the puck well and is heady and composed in his own zone. With a cap hit of just $550,000, more than a few teams figure to call Islanders general manager Garth Snow about him.

* Buffalo left winger Steve Ott. Like MacDonald, Ott figures to generate a lot of interest, even though his cap hit is $2.95 million. He can be effective at both ends of the rink, possesses exceptional intangibles and a knack for infuriating opponents.

* Florida right winger Brad Boyes. He has a team-high 15 goals in 56 games and, with a cap hit of $1 million, would not force the Penguins to tamper with their major league roster. His solid offensive skills and instincts aside, he tends to be streaky and isn’t very effective along the boards.

* Buffalo left winger Matt Moulson. He entered pro hockey as a Penguins draft choice, although he never signed with them. Moulson will be one of the hottest commodities because he’s a proven goal-scorer with a cap hit ($3,133,333) many teams would be willing to take.

* Calgary right winger Lee Stempniak. A capable, though inconsistent, goal-scorer, Stempniak has a cap hit ($2.5 million) that might appeal to clubs that will shy away from teammate Mike Cammalleri, who is more of an offensive force but carries a $6 million cap hit.

* Edmonton right winger Ales Hemsky. There might not be a more talented guy available between now and the deadline. Might not be a less predictable one, either. Hemsky’s offensive gifts are world-class, but he plays small and his intensity fluctuates. There’s also the matter of a $5 million cap hit.

* Buffalo defenseman Henrik Tallinder. Has a reputation for being smart and reliable in his own end, although he’s one of many Sabres having a forgettable season. While it’s possible that he’d benefit from a change of scenery, giving him one would be a $3.375 million gamble.

* Florida center Marcel Goc. Versatile and able to contribute all over the ice, Goc never has put up points the way it seems he could. Still, he’s a good faceoff man with a manageable cap hit of $1.7 million.

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