Report: Brian Burke in demand

Could the Brian Burke era in Toronto be close to an actual end?

Fired as Maple Leafs general manager in January, Burke became an adviser with the organization.

TSN reported on Tuesday night that at least one team has asked the Leafs for permission to talk to Burke for a non-GM role, believed to be as a consultant or a scout. During his final news conference in Toronto, Burke said he wanted to be a GM in the NHL again as soon as possible.

Given that he has no longer has any clout with the Leafs, there would be little reason for the team to stand in his way. Burke, undoubtedly, would be happy to get another job, especially if he was given the idea it would lead to a new job as GM.

Burke has been at the Air Canada Centre recently, scouting for USA Hockey


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  1. leafmeister says:

    It is a shame that Burke’s tenure in Toronto didn’t work out, because hold for the Kessel trade, his trading record was pretty unbeatable. If he had been more aggressive in the UFA front things could have been different, but the team may have been doomed by Wilson to begin with. (Which is Burke’s fault)

    The one I think he will be remembered for in a positive context will be Schenn for JVR. I think Schenn is a 2nd pairing bruiser with many holes in his game. He was ruined by Wilson, no doubt, but even if he was properly developed I think his upside was that of Robyn Regehr (which is high praise, but power forwards are much more valuable). From what I have seen of JVR I think he could be a 35 goal 70 point type power forward. He puts up 35 then 40 points in his first two years, and was close to a point per game pace before he was derailed by injury last year. You can’t teach his hands, size, speed and nose for the net. Philly made a panic move and made a serious downgrade in talent.

    The Lupul/Gardiner trade was obviously unreal, but given JVR’s high end potential and long, extremely reasonable contract, he may reap the most benefit.

  2. toronto77 says:

    It’s amazing how ppl keep bringing up the Kessel trade but no one brings up the kaberle trade.

    the leafs got a big 2nd or 3rd line great passing centremen in Colborne, a 1st used to draft Biggs(who would have been amazing Bruin with his style) and a 2nd the acquire JML who is struggling but a pretty good mobile d-man.

    The Bruins did win the cup, but Kaberle had absolutely nothing to do with it. They probably would have won the cup anyway, and as of right now they could have Colborne as their no.3 centremen and rubbing their hands just waiting for Biggs to develop.

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