Roberts Back Soon, but Problems Loom Large, Those Forgotten Players

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leafazoid29: Roberts Back Soon, but Problems Loom Large

matrix2003: Those Forgotten PlayersROBERTS BACK SOON, BUT PROBLEMS LOOM LARGE

Gary Roberts is recovering nicely and should be back in the line-up in the next few weeks. I know the decision to send a player backto the farm isn’t really too hard. My personal opinion sees Paul Healey going back. The real question is, will they re-unite the playoff line from last season. I would love to see the lines as follows.





Anyone notice a problem? No Domi! Hmmm… Looks like we have a problem on our hands. We could send Antropov back down, but that would make Quinn look like the laughing stock of the league. Looks like the only way out of this one is to trade some bodies. Look for a trade in the Leafs system in the very near future. The Leafs will have a solid playoff line-up once Quinn is done toying. Look for the Leafs to be back in the Conference Finals this year. (leafazoid29)


Some forget (some don’t) that there are a lot a talent players that can help a playoff bound or playoff contender, in their run for the Cup or a Playoff spot, here’s a list of some of those overlooked players:

1) Keith Carney, Anahiem (Awesome Defensively)

2) Steve Rucchin, Anahiem (Good Two-way Forward)

3) Frantisek Kaberle, Atlanta (Solid Offense/Defense)

4) Patrik Stefan, Atlanta (Great Defense/Decent Offense/Young)

5) Chris Gratton, Buffalo (Solid 2nd Liner)

6) James Patrick, Buffalo (Almost done, one last run)

7) Rod Brind’Amour, Carolina (solid offense, one of the best in Defense and Faceoffs)

8) Greg Devries, Colorado (great defensively, not available though?)

9) Greg Johnson, Bill Houlder, Yachmenev, S. Walker > Nashville

10) Shane Doan, Phoenix (Great D)


37 Responses to Roberts Back Soon, but Problems Loom Large, Those Forgotten Players

  1. mikster says:

    Easy, you don’t play Mogilny on the 3rd line. You play Robrets on the 3rd line. Put Reichel as a healthy scratch and play Domi. Green is a better center than Reichel for sure.

  2. cwhockey says:

    Frank Kaberle could be a possibility for the Leafs. I’m sure it would be interesting to see him and his brother play together. Just note that he isn’t a very physical player.

    As for Stefan, the Leafs would have to over-pay to get him. He’s becoming better defensively and with Hartley behind the bench, those qualities should become even better. Even though he hasn’t been the offensive star the Thrashers were hoping for, the word all year is that the organization still wants to keep him. Atlanta, rightly or wrongly, would ask for a lot back if Stefan was in the mix.

  3. wendel_17 says:

    As a Leaf fan, I am very excited for the return of our should-be captain Gary Roberts…nothing against Mats…but Roberts is a better leader. I agree that a trade is imminent in the Maple Leaf organization. There have been plenty of rumors going round…but nothing substantial has come up. As for sending down players, you would have to think that Healey is the guy going back to the rock. Antropov is on pace for a 30/30 season, and he has one of the best +/- ratings on the team, if not the best. Here are what I would like to see as far as lineups go after Roberts returns:





    I wouldn’t trade Corson, even if he agreed to it. He is a true playoff warrior. and if you were to ask any coach in the NHL, guys like that are great to have in the playoffs, because more often than not, it is toughness and intensity that win cups…not that fancy Euro-hockey you see during the season.

    Hoglund and Reichel are who I would trade…for a rugged defenseman. They would probably have to pay for a part of Reichel’s salary in a trade, but if that’s the only thing standing in the way for dumping him…CUT HIM LOOSE!!!

    Look for the Leafs to deal hard for…you guessed it…Dmitry Yushkevich come deadline time…in my opinion of course.

    Well that’s all

  4. Hockey_Fan says:

    Yuskevish played well for the Leafs, he would be a good addition to the defense but what would you give for him? Florida stinks but they will play hardball with Toronto if they really want Yuskevich back. The Leafs should try to get Kovalev. They have the assets to do it to.

  5. WeStSiDe says:

    I guess your a fuckhead too, Yuschevich was traded to Los Angeles a LONG TIME AGO!!!

  6. 89AlexanderMogilny89 says:

    I could see the Leafs possibly making a trade with the Sharks for Marchment and perhaps Todd Harvey or maybe Nolan.

  7. 89AlexanderMogilny89 says:

    Agreed;but Quinn will never scratch Reichel anyways.Quinn doesn’t want to admit to a mistake!lol.

  8. Glen says:

    Just what the doctor ordered another article about what the Leafs lines should look like!!

  9. matrix2003 says:

    I noticed there was going to be an overload of players upon Roberts’ return when Healey became a regular. The Leafs can afford to deal a few players for one, because of the overload. This is a fine asset to have.

  10. matrix2003 says:

    Sine this Glen guy likes the lineup projections, i’ll my own, for the Roberts’ return:





    no fitzgerald right now anyway so he’s not listed.

  11. Leaf_Expert says:

    If anything, those line combinations are a “never”.

    The odd men out of the list would be Hoglund or McCauley. Expect a deal to be done within the next 3-4weeks…and if nothing is accomplised on that front, then don’t be surprised to see Hoglund on waivers….

  12. Hockey_Fan says:

    Oh well shows how much I care about Dmitry Yuskevich.

  13. peanut_butter_shelf says:

    Don’t expect Brindamour to go anywhere. It was reported today on that Rod had torn a ligamen/tendon in his hand and that surgery will be required immediately. Could be out the remainder of the season.(3 months is what was reported).

    He’s a tough trade reguardless especially as a fan favorite on a team that is on the verge of reaching rock bottom just 7 months after reaching the Finals.

    This should all but end talks about Brindy going anywhere.

    Good article though.

  14. r_milley says:

    Domi plays somewhere come playoff time. Hoglund or Fitzgerald can sit assuming everyone is healthy(doubtful)

    Lines are simple. Sundin is 1st line center with Renberg on his wing. Mogilny in on the 2nd line with Roberts on a wing. Corson/Green/Tucker is the 3rd line. McCauley or Reichel get the 2nd line center assignment barring a trade. Antropov or Hoglund play on the top line. My 4th line would be Hoglund/Reichel/Domi personally. Trade isnt needed JUST tomove someone out, you need some depth some playoff time.

    Dont understand why everyone is so hung up on line combos though. Half the team was hurt last year and they did pretty well. If goaltending is there the team will go a long way in the playoffs.

    As for your overlooked players…

    STEFAN???? Atlanta is NOT going to move him for anything short of 2 good players under the age of 26. He’s still young and starting to find his game.

  15. r_milley says:

    Sundin and Mogilny just dont work together well 5 on 5. Both are puck possession players. In order for the team to get the most out of them they need to be with seperate linemates.

  16. BWbullies says:

    Why don’t you trade Sundin and Roberts to the Rangers for Lindros and Cross? Just an idea I think both teams will make out.

  17. Robert says:

    will wait for the summer to sign lindros.

  18. WeStSiDe says:

    I hope the Sundin, Roberts trade proposal wasnt serious, and are you guys sure Lindros is a free agent at the end of the year??

  19. sportside24 says:

    Switch Mogilny with Renberg. Mogilny is always on the second line.. Renberg always plays well with sundin and antropov is playing amazing hockey being on the top line…

  20. sniper says:

    Matrix2003 your assesments are right on except for Chris Gratton, as a flyers fan I know first hand that he is invisible on the ice and should be a high profile player with his size, speed, and skill, but he just doesn’t have the same drive and motivation he once had when he was a bolt. The guy deserves to be forgotten.

  21. absolutehockey96 says:

    none of this matters the fly guys are going to beat the leafs tonite and gratton is horrible i watched him play in philly

  22. Tradedude says:

    you should DEFINEATELY put STEVE KONOWALCHUK on the Forgotton Players list, this guy works his ass off every night, more of a grinder player, leadership is great (just look at the letter on his jersey) and won’t take crap from anyone. It’s hard fans not recognizing what this man does every night and not getting respected for it. Caps fans know what I’m talking about.

    And for line-ups, i’d scratch Fitzgerald, he is doing horrible this season even playing with Sundin, plus scratch reichel for Domi like Mikster has mentioned before. Here is the line-up that would best suit the leafs when Roberts comes back.










    I would like to put back together that grind line for Toronto of Corson-Green-Tucker, but than who would you have for Center for the fourth line? If you think Reichel (soft,weak,mad man with skates, gets pissed over nothing and doesn’t do shit about it, rarely scores, probly leads NHL in getting hit) or Domi (nasty, hits, opposite of soft and weak, gets pissed and DOES something about it, doesn’t take stupid penalties (well sometimes) can score……more than reichel, can go on a mean streak, nuff said).

    So I take it that you’d prefer Domi over Reichel right about now.

  23. Tradedude says:

    Hoglund will not be put on Waivers. If he can score on the 3rd line without Sundin centering him, while Fitzgerald can’t even score (just 2 goals) while on the first line WITH Sundin, what does that make Hoglund? Better.

    What I’m trying to say is Hoglund doesn’t get the minimal credit he deserves, I mean you gotta have some talent to score 29 goals, Sundin or no Sundin.

  24. Tradedude says:

    I swear in Hell than Lindros signed a 4 year deal wif the Rangers, and he signed that, i think 2 season ago.

    Please someone tell me what is going on here.

    oh and the deal lindros for sundin and roberts, i dont even think roberts’ injured shoulders could be worth that, lol.

  25. wendel_17 says:

    how would they get nolan…???

  26. mikster says:

    You’ll have to wait till next season for Lindros, and he can always stay a Ranger if the contract is better. He also loves NYC.

    No thank, Rangers do not need Roberts, and i’d take Sundin…but why on earth would you want to trade your own captain? I’d rather just trade you Lindros for prospects and picks.

  27. mikster says:

    No he isn’t.

  28. Leaf_Expert says:


    Go Leafs GO!

  29. matrix2003 says:

    The first line I predicted was intact last night!

  30. PeterPuck says:

    who cares,,,,,leafs haven’t won a cup since 1967 and they won’t win one this year,,as long as mogilny is on your team,,,,,,heartless wonder…….

  31. Aetherial says:

    Obviously you have never watched Mogilny play.

  32. Leaf_Expert says:

    I Believe he has 2 years left.

  33. hatterson says:

    Isn’t it obvious…They are going to trade their 9th round pick in 2009 in a eight way deal that will get them Lemiux, Kovalev, Nolan, Sakic, Forsberg, Naslund, Bertuzzi, Hossa, Iginla, Bure, Lindros, Jagr, and everone’s first round pick for the next 10 years. However, for this to happen they may have to give up Hoglund andor Reichel.

    C’mon people get real. I am a huge Leaf fan, but what are the real chances that they will get Nolan. He is a great player and even the stupidest GM would want something in return. No wonder Leaf fans have a bad name, you have a few people just throwing out the names of players that they like (or would like). Please people, try to report only the rumors that actually have some basis.

  34. Tradedude says:

    he got what? 5,6 goals last play-offs enough to put them into the 3rd round.

    1967 doesn’t mean anything, ottawa hasn’t won a cup since the 20’s i believe, and chicago early 60’s, phoenix, anaheim, buffalo, montreal are teams that will be lucky to make the play-offs. Look, past means nothing, it’s what we do now, and now only.

    Mogilny has 21 goals and 50 points right now in say just over 40 games, which is over a point per game which is incredible, he’ll hti last years totals of 57 in no time and surpass that by 2 weeks minimum.

  35. PeterPuck says:

    i watched him live many times when he played for the vancouver…..i know what he can do and CANNOT do, he is heartless….

  36. PeterPuck says:

    in the playoffs he will disappear, want to bet.

  37. Tradedude says:

    sure, a quarter.

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