Roberts wants to stay in Florida???

The reports that Gary Roberts is wanting to stay with the Panthers. If he is traded his first choices are the Senators or the Maple Leafs because of a family connection in Ontario. Personally, I don’t see how anyone could fault Roberts on wanting to stay close to his daughter as he has most of his time on the road.

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  1. bleedingblu says:

    I wouldnt' mind at all if Gary came back HOME to Toronto but I wouldn't break the bank for him. I would rather see him stay in Florida instead of him going to the Ottawa…… the dark side.

  2. bleedingblu says:

    The article also mentioned that if he is traded to another team he would like a contract for next year too.

    I don't think this will fly with Fergie. I would take Roberts as a rental but I wouldnt tie up more cap space for a 40 yr old that will only play 20 games.

  3. mikster says:

    He may stay, but i think he really wants to go back to Ontario. The Senators would take him for another season as they want the Cup badly and would need a Gary Roberts again next year.

    He is still productive, i doubt he will be more expensive than $1.5M for a season; at least he gives you playoff importance for two post-seasons for what you trade to get him.

    Even if he signs with another team next season, it may be one that may not make the playoffs and other playoff teams would look to get him for the playoffs.

    May as well trade for him and sign him if you are going to have two Cup runs.

    Not sure what i’d want from either Ontario teams.

  4. halgillfan says:

    i heard roberts wants to be traded to Anaheim or L.A. to be closer to his sister Julia Roberts while she films the new oceans 11 movie

    just a rumor…dont slam me

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