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A look at the Forsberg situation

The Kings look to move players

The NHL ready to move past Bettman

The Leafs ready to be buyers or sellers or both

Peter Forsberg is in a tough situation with the Flyers. He is playing for the worst team in the NHL, has chronic injury problems and is in big time demand by other teams. While he or the Flyers would not admit it publicly, you would have to think that it would be in all parties best interest to make a move that would send the game breaker to a contender for a package or prospects or picks. The reality is that come the end of the year, Forsberg is an UFA meaning that the Flyers or any other team will be able to sign him, so it just seems to make sense that if the Flyers are in a rebuilding mode that they would deal him so that they get something back in return. In addition, if Forsberg decides to not waive his no trade clause you would have to think that it says something about his character. Why would any competitor want to remain on a club that is a sure thing to miss the playoffs? He only has a few more cracks at the cup before the end of his career.

If he does decide to waive his no trade clause there will be many teams lining up to bid for his services. The Habs, Ducks, Canucks, Rangers, Avalanche, Stars, Red Wings are just a handful of teams that would love to add the power forward to their arsenal for the playoff drive. If I had to make a bet I would wager on the Ducks landing his services. Brian Burke is a

Speaking of power forwards, both the Blues and Panthers have players that they would like to move before the deadline. Keith Tkachuk is most often mentioned to be heading to the Rangers but don’t be at all surprised if the Rangers do not make a strong pitch for Todd Bertuzzi. Bertuzzi, now almost recovered from back surgery will be a hot commodity and the Panthers will not want to get burned twice by him. If they are not able to sign him to a contract extension they will very likely move him for a prospect. As a side note, it is heavily rumored that Bertuzzi has a strong desire to sign with Phoenix in the summer to be reunited with his buddy Jovo.

The L.A. Kings are another team that is poised to make a plethora of moves in the next few weeks in an effort to stockpile draft choices and make roster room for younger players to showcase their skills to team management. Players that are likely to be moved include Brent Sopel, Aaron Miller and Garon.

An interesting article in NewsDay,0,6398524.column?coll=ny-sports-print suggests that Gary Bettman may be on thin ice. Like him or hate him he has been the front man for the NHL for 15 years. I think that it is safe to say that most Canadian hockey fans would love to see a change as under Bettman’s regime the Canadian pastime has undergone a major Americanization.

The Maple Leafs are in an interesting situation. They have players such as Tucker that could easily be moved for a great return however they are not far enough out of the race to start dumping their players. In an interesting way I think that we could see the Leafs buy players in the short term with draft picks to see if they can gain some ground. If they are still out of it at the end of the month you could then see JFJ move the players out for … well … picks.

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  1. rojoke says:

    If and when Bettman goes, the name at the top mf my list is current president of the Canadian Hockey Association Bob Nicholson.  He's seen the CHA's Program of Excellence develop gold medal winning junior teams, has been behind the reform of minor hockey in Canada, and he knows the game from both the hockey side and the business side.

    Second on the list would be current commissioner of the OHL and president of the CHL David Branch.  All three leagues have thrived under his tenure, and Branch has taken a leadership role in improving the game at the junior level.

  2. LEAFSLEAFSLEAFS1967 says:

    I think this is a good article. I think most of the NHL would be bidding for the services of Forsberg, but I hope that JFJ doesn't go for him and offer up our future for this broken down superstar.

    As much as I'm not a fan of the Americanization of hockey, I believe that a lot of Americans could not care less about our sport and Canadian fans our the most loyal and the best fans around we have a passion for the sport. I would get rid of him if it didn't threaten to make major changes to the game all over again.

    As much as I would love to see JFJ pull off the right moves if we're out at the trade deadline, but I think he is too stubborn to know when hope is lost, and doesn't have the ability to pull off the kind of moves that we need.

  3. saku_rulz says:

    wow,…..what an original article!

  4. seejay14 says:

    L.A. Kings And Canucks Should Make a Trade

    To L.A.
    -Jan Bulis
    -Dany Sabourin
    -2nd Round Pick

    To Vancouver
    -Matheu Garon
    -Sean Avery

  5. tancred says:

    You say that the possibility of Forsberg refusing to waive his no-trade clause would say a lot about his character; make him seem less competitive wanting to stick it out with a last place team.  Isn't it also possible that it might say he's unswervingly loyal to both his team and his contract?  It could be seen either way, of course.  I simply wouldn't see it as something entirely negative.  

    Btw, addressing this to whoever wrote the article.  Doesn't say anywhere that I can see who the author is.
  6. Mephist0 says:

    How could LA trade Garon?  He is there only goalie that would have a chance at defending a putt on the golf course?  All their other goalies have more holes that LPGA season opener party.

    Going to the range today so golf is on my mind.

  7. TheStryker says:

    What do you think of this one

    Martin Lapointe-Bryan Smolinski
    To Montreal
    Sergei Samsonov-Alexander Perezoghin

    I like it


  8. RealisticNick says:

    Finally someone here makes a legitimate trade proposal from both sides of the table.  Very nice to see, not containing any huge names or complete trash…other than Avery's mouth.

  9. thegoalie1976 says:

    That trade would work, but Garon is too good to ride the pine as much as he would in Vancouver. Unless they platooned the 2 for the rest of the season. Vancouver would be deadly in the playoffs with a very well rested Loungo. That would give them a real advantage over the other teams that wear out their #1 just getting there.

    Good injury insurance as well.

  10. 1980leonstickle says:

    actually if forsberg does not want to waive his no trade clause it is becuase he believes his character will be braught into question. he wants to finish what he started here. the fact of the matter is you could see a flyer team go from the worst in the nhl to the best in 1 yr. with forsberg they can turn around in july and sign salo, drury and even modin. think about a second line of knuble drury and carter moved to the wing.

    they could technically sign all these guys in july and still be under the cap. they also could waive hatcher this spring and then have even more room to go out and trade for or sign the best goalie available.

    that is exactly the conversation holmgram is having with forsberg. the flyers also know money aside it will be much easier to bring in the mentioned studs with forsberg on the roster.

  11. Infusino94 says:

    Well, here is my rendition of what I would do if I had the powers that JFJ had.
    1) Make a verbal agreement with Tucker that he re-signs with the buds, but that he will be shipped now in return for a prospect/draft picks. (even if Tucker says he will resign and then ends up stiffing the Leafs, the prospect that they get in return will be worth it)
    2) Realize that a lottery draft pick that the Leafs will have if they don't make the playoffs will be somewhere from 12-15, making it tradeable as surprisingly the Leafs have a decent set of prospects/young players.
    3) Pick out the NHL ready prospects that you do have, that are ready to play for your club, and the ones that you don't feel will be used properly, ship them away.

    So for now, here would be the trades:

    It is well known that before Edmonton will go out and get somebody to help make the push to sneak in the playoffs, they need a puck moving defenceman. With that being said, if they do not trade away one of their young forward prospects, it would be in the Leafs best interest to acquire one of the young forwards that are now expendable in Edmonton.

    To Edmonton: Darcy Tucker
    To Toronto: Andrew Cogliano

    With the added money that the Leafs have from the long term injuries suffered by Peca, Tucker, and Wellwood, they would seem to have about $650,00 – $700,000 to spend on a rental player.

    Look around the league of potential players that the Leafs could take a risk on somehow assist in the push for the playoffs. I can see the Leafs looking to Florida for some help with this department as Todd Bertuzzi might be a well-suited winger for this years drive. He's a big risk with injuries, his past, and his poor season, but sometimes a change in scenery is all that is needed.

    To Florida – 2007 1st round pick, Suglobov or White
    To Toronto – Todd Bertuzzi

    New Leafs lineup after injuries:

    Bertuzzi Sundin O'Neill
    Steen Wellwood Ponikarovsky
    Devereaux Pohl Battaglia
    Antropov Peca Kilger

    McCabe Coliaicovo
    Kubina Kaberle
    Gill Bell


    Bench – Green, Belak, Newburry, Ondrus
    Prospects – Tlusty, Pogge, Cogliano, Westrum

    Don't hate, just lemme know what you think

  12. polastem says:

    Love the Tucker idea, not a fan of giving up the first round pick for a pending UFA forward. They could just sign Berts this summer if they wanted him and he wanted to come to T.Dot.

  13. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    The Toronto Maple Leafs should and will be buyers. While I still disapprove of the coaching change, and the price he paid for his defensemen, other than Kaberle, John Ferguson is certainly making things interesting, and is building through the draft while keeping his current team strong.

    Look at the team he has right now. A winger or two away from contending. Carolina was in sixth place last week, now they're two points ahead of the Leafs, and we have three games in hand. The Maple Leafs test of the season? Beating the Sens on Saturday. Why? Because we've had so much trouble against the against the Sens. Doing it when it counts is the best test. They win and they're four points back with a game in hand. Look at their schedule. 16 games against teams I'd say they really should beat, all against Edmonton, Boston, Long Island, New York, St. Louis, Washington, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Carolina, and Tampa Bay. I know, I know, they lost 8-2 to Pittsburgh. They still SHOULD beat the Penguins in their last game. If they can win all these games, which they probably won't, they still need to win at least two against Nashville, Ottawa, Atlanta, New Jersey, Buffalo or Montreal. Luckily for the Maple Leafs they haven't lost in regulation to the Habs all year, they are 3-0-2 against their original six rivals.

    The Maple Leafs healthy lines right now are…




    Add a couple forwards and that team ain't half bad.

  14. goalieman32 says:

    How did you come up with this trade, and how is it even remotely even?  Garon is the only decent goalie that the Kings have had in goal all year, and he is replaced by Saborin? Sabourin hasnt even won a game in his time in the NHL and is having a career year with a SV% of .885 and he picked up his first point in an overtime loss.  Where does he fit in the system at all.  Which would you rather have in goal? Garon, a solid yet injury prone goalie, or Sabourin, a career minor leager who had one good year on a good team with the baby Pens? 

    Plus they give up pest Avery for Bulis, who I havent seen play much but his minus 9 isn't exactly a great indication of his talents.  They got a 2nd rounder and a 4th rounder for Conroy, who had 10 less points than Avery and was also a negative 13, and there is no way Sabourin makes a 4th round pick, and Garon for Bulis is also improbable.  Why would the Kings make such a move?  At least when the got Burke, it only cost them cap room.

    And for that matter, why would the Canucks want Garon?  Luongo is more than used to the workload he curently has and is actually better with the more shots that he faces.  Plus the have Flaherty, who is a more seasoned veteran, and MacIntyre, who is having a good season in the minors.  Not to mention that Garon is on IR and has had injury problems throughout the season.  This trade makes no sense, and the only possibility that it would go through is to add Schneider instead of Sabourin and possibly a 4th or 5th.

  15. nyrhockey094 says:

    Pull your head out of your ass, SOME americans love the sport, but for you to make a generalization about all americans just is ignorance. Im american, I love hockey. I live hockey.

  16. Aetherial says:

    The problem is not that the Leafs are "bad". They aren't that bad.

    They are exactly what everyone knew they would be… a team that will be life and death to make the playoffs.

    So,  they aren't bad, but the point is, with this core, they aren't good enough.

    They have no franchise type players in the system. They have a number of solid players, who could contribute to a cup contending team in 3-5 years from now, but they would need one or two more quality front-line players, and all the kids would have to develop as expected.

    BUT… they have so much money tied up right now that they may actually be unable to keep their own youth. This team could conceivably remain non-contenders and then take a step backwards where their future is concerned.

    No, they aren't bad right now. But they aren't good, and they are not in a good position to be a whole lot better.

    They will re-sign Tucker, keep Sundin and he will be too old by the time the team around him matures and they will be in WORSE cap shape than they are now even, which is difficult to imagine.

  17. TheDonkey says:

    What is "the Americanization of hockey"?  

  18. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    Anyone have a good excuse to not be at school that day?

  19. broc says:

    Why would the Leafs trade a 1st round pick at all, let alone for a guy who will only play with them til they don't make the playoffs. They should only trade a 1st rounder if they think they can go DEEP in playoffs (which they can't).

    If they even make it to the post saeason, which is already quite daunting, they won't make it past Buffalo in the first round, that's for sure.

  20. rangers19 says:

    I really don't think rangers should get Tkachuk!! I rather them make a move that can benifit them for next year ….like HORTON or PITKANEN OR NAGY. Plus JAGR is going to wake up…..imagine everyone is on his back…and he's still amongs the best……SHANNY is the true leader of this team!!!! ROCK ON


  21. Rico71 says:


    We need another 3 article tomorrow repeating the same rumors over and over. Seriously.

    Let's wait a few days and hope for some different rumors?


  22. 19goavsgo says:

    first of all you spell fuc kin wave WAVE not WAIVE do uche bag

  23. modk09 says:

    Geez people, why does no one understand this concept?????

    Oh and a note to all Canucks fans, NO ONE WANTED BULIS IN THE SUMMER WHEN HE HAD 20 GOLAS, NO ONE WANTS HIM NOW when he cant score on Paris Hilton

  24. TheDonkey says:

    If you are talking about less fighting and all that stuff, I would say that this has nothing to do with the American fans.  Having attended many games in the U.S., I can assure you that the US fans like fighting just as much as Canadian fans do.  If the league has tried to move away from fighting, it was not for the benefit of any real fans in the States.

  25. modk09 says:

    LOVE the idea of dumping sergei, although hes playing quite well lately so Gainey might keep him, but smolinski is no 2nd line center and lapointe just sucks

  26. Bruins4theCup says:

    Hey Everyone

    I liked the article but I still hope the Bruins do something to shake up the lineup or their season is pretty much a write off. I guess it almost is as of now but maybe a new body would bring some life back into that lockerroom, I'll keep my fingers crossed.

    On a side note I noticed there are a lot of leafs at this site. I'm assuming most of you are from Toronto. There is this wicked hockey league I found in Toronto called the TORONTO INLINE HOCKEY LEAGUE!!!!! You can play roller hockey throughout the spring and summer from April to August. So if your looking for something fun to do this summer go check it out and we could all play some hockey!!! Check out the website for more info, that's how I found out about it.

  27. EasternHockey says:

    Wait.. you have to be kidding me.  You can't honestly be that dumb.  You are the douchebag, correcting someone on something that's not even wrong.  Do you ever bother to actually check stuff before blasting off?  Try, it might prove to be useful in your further attempts to look like you're not a complete idiot.  And judging by your sentence structure, you really shouldn't be the one going around playing grammar police. 

    Go here:
    and then go here:,

    and then come back here to make your idiotic statement.

  28. LeafsJaysRapsBillsManU says:

    You pretty much hit the nail on the head regarding that window licker. Gotta love irony.

  29. jmarkow says:

    What does everyone think of this trade:

    1. Cujo
    2. Boynton/Morris
    3. Roenick

    1. Biron
    2. Novotny

    Might not be a bad solution to addressing some needs each team may have.

  30. LEAFSLEAFSLEAFS1967 says:

    Maybe you should read what I said, I did not say that NO Americans love the sport, I said there are A LOT who don't care as much as Canadians. Just trying to state that even though most teams are American, hockey is still our game and not too Americanized.

  31. lynchmob540 says:

    The Americanization of hockey is what Buttman has done to this great game! He has spearheaded the "failures" that occurred in Quebec and Winnipeg…yet has done his best to ensure that crappy American cities end up with teams that shouldn't have teams (ie. Tampa, Nashville, Phoenix,…). And when its time for an American team to move (Pittsburgh), Buttman does everything in his power to block this team's move to Canada.

    THAT is what the Americanization of hockey is all about.

  32. mcpickl says:

    you sir are a donkey

    joe sakic just called, hes embarrassed youre using his number

  33. mcpickl says:

    you sir are a donkey

    joe sakic just called, hes embarrassed youre using his number

  34. Asquaredx2 says:

    The Tucker for Cogliano one is pretty ridiculous, I have to say.

    I don't know why everyone thinks Darcy Tucker's some sort of ace in the sleeve. He's old, and a UFA, and he hasn't really proven to be anything other than a pest (don't tell me just because he's got 19 goals he's some sort of sniper)…and you think Edmonton would give up Cogliano for that?
    Why would Edmonton give up one of their best prospects for an aging rental pest?

    Also, in the end, what's the point? The Leafs aren't going to contend even with Bertuzzi. If you're so certain Edmonton would give you Cogliano (which isn't going to happen, as explained above), why not only make the Tucker trade, and try to sign Bertuzzi in the offseason?

    I'm not hatin', I'm just confused by your logic. I don't understand why on-the-cusp teams sacrifice part of their future for a first round exit.

  35. Asquaredx2 says:

    yeah, but add a few forwards, and they're still not contenders. They just don't really have the goaltending or the defensive coverage to win in the post season. Also, adding a few forwards is waaaay easier said than done. The Leafs are right up against the cap, so you'd have to give up attractive roster pieces or not so attractive roster pieces who are UFA's and some very attractive prospects (Pogge comes to mind). That is alot easier said than done. That's why GM's are hghly paid. The Leafs can't just "become" contenders at the deadline. They need to amass some offensive draft picks to help out Sundin before they become a scary team to play against. This tema will struggle to even make it into the post season, and might end up playing New Jersey or Buffalo, both of whom are about 99% likely to beat Toronto in a playoff series.

  36. Asquaredx2 says:

    I was just about to do that.

  37. Asquaredx2 says:

    yeah, but I still think Buffalor wants to keep Biron in case Miller gets hurt, and I think he's a better goalie than Cujo. I think you'd have to remove both of those players and throw in a Buffalo prospect, but Boynton would fil that need for a defenceman. Don't know why they'd want to give up Novotny though.

  38. Asquaredx2 says:

    oh yeah and it's *****ing *****ING not fuc kin and douchebag DOUCHEBAG not do uche bag.

  39. Infusino94 says:

    how is that ridiculous!?

    the oilers have an influx of young forwards… Lupul, Stoll, Hemsky, Torres… not to mention they have the righst to Robbie Schremp who will probably be playing within the next two seasons.

    the Oilers would first have to make their mind up regarding what could be more important in their playoff push… improved offense or a puck moving defenceman.

    Perhaps the Leafs could swap White to them as well. Hopefully grab some picks

  40. vindictiveb says:

    I just wish the Leafs could sell or trade John Ferguson! LOL 

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