Rumor Roundup

The latest on Mikael Tellqvist, Evgeni Nabakov, Craig Conroy, Sergei Samsonov, and more…

I’ll start with Sergei Samsonov, because this makes me so angry. This is a guy who has just signed in one of the best two hockey cities in the world, to a nice contract, has stunk, and is being played on the third line, and now wants out! I’d be begging to stay in a great hockey town like Montreal! To the point, we can remember this past summer that Detroit and Chicago were interested.
I’m a big fan of Glen Murray and he’s been on an absolute tear since tehse rumors started, and you know, he had a good last year, probably would’ve scored thirty goals had he not got hurt. I can’t imagine a team in the league that wouldn’t have at least some level of interest, as, except for his salary, he’s perfect in the new NHL, not paticularly fast, but he can still finnish very well, and us very gritty. He really seems like the type of player that Bobby Clarke would sign, were he still employed leaving me to believe that Philadelphia, or whoever employs Clarke next will be interested in Murray, though with his play as of late, will the Bruins want to dump him?

The Tampa Bay Lightning are trying to dump Martin St Louis and you know, he looks perfect for the new NHL, but he isn’t getting things done, and needs a change of scenery. Remember he himself was interested in joining the New York Rangers last year. Bob Gainey has seemed to be bringing in a more French presence since becomming the GM, and Montreal would seem like a perfect fit for Martin St Louis.

Away from speculation…

The Phoenix Coyotes have been linked to both Evgeni Nabakov, and Mikael Tellqvist, this might lead to the departure of Curtis Joseph. Tellqvist would be a decent backup for a 2nd rounder, but why waste a second when David Levenue could probably do the job better? My guess is that Evgeni Nabakov is probably who they’ll go after, if anybody. Nick Boynton has been linked to this deal also.

Yanic Perreault looks like he’ll probably be signing in Phoenix, according to, ironically enough, I just finnished writing about how he was probably going to retire, when I stumbled upon the article, trying to find out who won the Argos came (damn Als).

Apparently, the Chicago Blackhawks are shopping defenseman Jassen Cullimore, unfortunately, the Chicago Tribune, who reported this, do not mention what the Blackhawks would ask for in return. Rumors persist regaurding Los Angeles Kings centre Craig Conroy and according to the ever unreliable Eklund, the Calgary Flames would love to get him back, to help centre Iginlas line.

Rumors are also floating about Darius Kasparitusno clue as to where he’d go, and Allison and Leetch remain unsigned, other then that, there’s not much else to report.

I have managed to do the longest rumor roundup, without a rumor of a Leafs signing…