Rumors – Bertuzzi, Skrora, Marleau, Ozolinsh and others

This weeks roundup discusses rumors that involve Petr Sykora, Alexander Mogilny, Sandis Ozolinsh, Nabokov, Bertuzzi and others.The New Jersey Devils are set to make a deal. Presently they are bordering on the verge of the pay cap and Patrik Elias is set to make a return to the team, As a result of Elias’ return the Devils are forced to make a trade to lower their overall salary. The name most discussed to be on his way out of town is Alex Mogilny. One of the problems with trading Mogilny is that he has been one of the hottest players for the Devils so far this season and this does not look good to fans. The other problem is that he is 36 years old and makes 3.5 million and the difficulty in finding a trading partner who is willing to pick up his big contract. Personally, I do not believe that it will be Mogilny who will b e traded. He is too valuable to the team. Look for the Devils to trade a different player such as John Madden, for draft picks.

Another player who is rumored to be available is Petr Sykora. Mighty Ducks G.M. has made it quite clear that he is willing to move Sykora to any team that is willing to pick up his 3.116 million dollar contract. Burke is trying to change the look of his team to one that is modeled upon grit and speed, just as he did with the Canucks. By dumping Sykora’s contract Burke will be able to pick up a player who fits his mould. One of the teams that is rumored to be in heavy discussions with the Ducks is the Montreal Canadiens. Although much of the Habs discussions have centered around Sandis Ozolinsh it is thought that they may have to take Sykora in order to pick up the slick defenseman. It is evident that the Habs are looking for some additional scoring since the injury to Kovalev. Look for the Habs to offer a package that is built around prospects such as Tomas Plekanec and draft picks.

Wow, Is all that I can say about the Joe Thorton deal. Boston sent arguably one of the greatest players in the game to San Jose for a package of average players, that is in comparison to Thorton. It is well known that Boston is cheep and this may be one of a the factors leading to this trade. Thorton signed a big dollar three year deal this offseason. It just makes little sense that a GM would trade his franchise player for several talented players. Players like Thorton are hard to come by. Thorton is a tower of player who is able to turn a team around by himself. Just wait, the San Jose Sharks are in for a real treat. He has already made an impact with the Sharks, setting up some goals that have led to wins.

Speaking of the Sharks, they are rumored to be actively seeking other trades. The player mentioned most in rumors is Patrick Marleau because of his large contract and his tradability to get a prime defenseman in return. Don’t believe this rumor. The Sharks brought Thorton in to play with him. They want to turn the teams around and have an exciting talented line that have the chance to score each and every shift. The true player that the Sharks are shopping is goalie Nabokov to try to get a defender. The Sharks are tired of his inconsistent play this season and have several goalies such as Shaefer and Toskala in the waiting.

Speaking to huge players who could be on the move, rumors continue to persist that the Canucks are looking to move Bertuzzi. The problem with Bertuzzi is that him and Naslund are best friends and they love to play on the same line. Although these rumors continue to build the reality is the Canucks are not going to move Bertuzzi in the near future. He is way too valuable to the team and has started to turn his play around of late. The players who may be available are Brendan Morrison and Ed JovoCop.