Rumors swirling as the trade winds blow in Vancouver

A hot commodity for teams right now shopping for power play help is defensemen Sami Salo. The Finnish McInnis is set to become unrestricted at the end of the year and because of his contract status many teams are contacting the Canucks to see if he is available. It should be noted that the Canucks are top in their division right now and Salo is a huge part of the Canucks success. I would have to think that Nonis is not willing to part with Salo via trade and is more likely to hang onto to him and take his chances trying to sign him to a contact extension.

The article goes o to speculate that the Canucks may be trying to pry Bill Guerin from the St. Louis Blues. Although it is well known that the Canucks have top notch goaltending and a solid defense if the Canucks are planning to make a serious run in the playoffs they are going to need some offensive help.

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