Should the Sabres sit Miller until he signs a contract or is traded?

If the game Tuesday proved anything, it’s that Ryan Miller and Enroth should switch duties until Miller signs a contract extension or is traded. Miller, who backed up Enroth while nursing a tender groin, is the better goaltender. But if the Sabres are working toward their long-term future, they should be playing Enroth and shopping Miller.

It would improve Miller’s chances of staying healthy and preserve his trade value. Darcy Regier should speed-dial Philadelphia, which looks vulnerable with a new coach and questionable goaltending. The last thing the Sabres need is Miller stealing games and providing false hope. They need to learn how to win without him.

This is what happens when a team is intent on developing young players in the best league in the world. You can get away with one or two but not five or six. It’s not as if opposing teams are going to wait around. They were outclassed last week in Detroit and Pittsburgh. Miller kept them in the game against Ottawa. They were outplayed Tuesday.

Buffalo had three shots in the first period against Tampa Bay, which is hardly considered a powerhouse in the Atlantic Division. They were getting outshot, 18-4, through the first 33 minutes and 19-6 when Hodgson scored on the power play. Buffalo played better as the game carried along and competed in the third period. And still lost.

It’s not going to get much easier with the Blue Jackets coming to town Thursday and the Blackhawks salivating while waiting for the Sabres to arrive Saturday.