Savard seems to be interested in another oldy

Latest rumor in Montreal is about right winger Pat Verbeek. The veteran nhl player has scored 515 goals and has a total of 1043 points in 1360 games.

He’s no Brett Hull, but he might just do the job on the first line, giving Koivu and Savage some room to manouver around the net. Verbeek is known to be strong on his skates and is almost impossible to bowl over. He likes to play in the trenches and is at his peak when he is crashing the net. Has a solid shot with a quick release and is an expert at re-directing teammates shots at net for goals.

Is he the short term solution for the Habs, while they are despretly waiting for their youngsters Hossa, Chouinard, Ward, Balej, Hainsey, Markov, Komisarek … to acquire the maturity to play in the nhl ?

One thing is for sure, the latest additions ( Juneau, Perreault, Dackell, Quintal) for the Habs have brought more depth and experience, and have reasured fans, media and players about the will of bringing back a competitive team in Beautifull Montreal .

Lachez pas les gars !!! Go HABS Go