Save our money now, spend it later

This is for all the Gainey doubters, as Ive said before Bob has a plan, develop from within, make some minor trades, and sign a few key free agents along the way.
Now dont get me wrong, the problem with the Habs right now is toughness and grit, however Bob did try to fix this by trying to sign Shannahan last year and Smyth this year. When we start winning the free agents will come.

The rumors I keep hearing are for Marleau, it would be a mistake to give up any prospect for him right now, he will test the free agent market next year, and will get a big raise. Do you think he will be the same player not playing behind Thornton, I dont. So lets not waste our money on Marleau for now. Also although I love the guy, Lecavalier’s price tag is way to high. If by some freak of nature he ever landed in Montreal, his salary is so big, we couldnt sign anyone else and would have to start dumping players when thier price tag went up.
What I see happening in the next 2-3 years when our prospects develope and we start winning, is thier are some players who will get substantial raises, as I see it now the following will be in for big time money,

#1 Higgins, 4-5 million he will be the best player on the team
#2 Komisarick 4.5 million Scott Stevens clone only getting better
#3 Streight 3 million, the current most underated player
#4 Pleckanek 3.5 million, If he keeps progresing
#5 Latandresse 4 million Remeber he was just a teenager last year
#6 Price 4.5 million If he lives uo to the hype
#7 Kostisyn 3 million The fastest player on the team
#8 Lapierre 2.5 million The best pest

These players alone add up to 29.5 million, that would be over half of the team salary, with another 12-14 guys left to pay. I say for now lets develop, see who is showing promise, and bring them along. I know us Habs fans are not very patient, this will be a painfull year, but a learning one for the youngsters. I know that Bob unlike his predecesors, will have patience with the kids, and not get rid of them after one bad year. So to all the Canadiens fans, just sit back this year and watch our future stars develope.