Sens poised to make a move

Muckler said he would asses his team (The Ottawa Senators) during their last road trip, to see if he needed to make changes. The Sens were 1-3 on the road trip, beating only the struggling penguins. So what will Muckler do? Over the last 4 games, the Sens have scored 16 goals. That aspect of their game seems to be coming together. The Sens problems have begun in their own end, as they also allowed 16 goals in the last few games.
Goaltending has been an issue. But then again Emery is leading the league in save percentage. A simple way to solve the goaltending issue is to play Ray Emery more often.
The sens defence has looked much softer without Chara. One could argue that the sens need a big strong guy to keep guys from driving to the net.

Whatever the sens problems are, it seems the wrong guys keep coming up in trade talks. Vermette, Volchenkov, and Alfredson are the names being mentioned. Volchenkov is +6, Alfredson is hot as of late, and Vermette is on pace to score 30 goals.

The guys the sens need to look to trade are Emery (great goalie having a tough time in Ottawa), Redden/Mezsaros (having a brutal start offensively, extreamely high market value), Kiagorodov (what an oppitunity it would be for him, to play on the 2nd line of a struggling tea like the coyotes) and Schaefer (great 2ndary scorer in a slump).

If the Sens want to turn this season around they have to change something. It could be a coaching, GM, or player change, or even something as simple as a morale change. But something has to be done to help this team pull though. If Muckler can pull he right strings this team can be as good or better than last year.

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  1. TheFish12 says:

    Morrison IS NOT the reason Vancouver has more points then Ottawa, and Morrison has ridden the coat tails of Naslund and Bertuzzi.  He never has been anything more then a good second line center and he never will become more then that.

  2. TheFish12 says:

    trade 1: I'd do it just to get rid of Gerber, but it wont happen
    trade 2: see above
    trade 3: Cullimore is not a defensman than can help Ottawa, if he can't play with Chicago's D, he wont make it on Ottawa's
    trade 4: For the last time NOONE WANTS COLAIACOVO OR TELLQVIST they are spare parts that are a dime a dozen, well not really, not that many defenseman get hurt as often as colaiacovo does, and Ottawa loses Emery and replaces him with Tellqvist?  How does that help?

  3. jonnygf40 says:

    How about Vermette and Volchenkov or Vermette and Schubert for Morrison.  I hear this is the newest and most probable deal in the works.

  4. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    The canes wont give up cole for an overpriced player, the sens cant take the cap hit of the 2nd trade.

  5. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    Cullimore is the defenceman the sens need, plus he's on the trade block. He's a big physical guy, who MAYBE can help make up for chara.

    tellqvist and coli for kiagr and a pick (if i remember right) spare parts for spare parts man

  6. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    Preissing isn't exactly your PK king, but at less than 600K he is money in the bank. please trade him to the leafs. EXACTLY, Meszaros plays well when the team plays well. he shouldn't be out there agains the top players, he should be the 3-4 guy in ottawa, let corvo or preissing play with redden. The sens really need a physical D-man. Losing Chara had a much bigger impact than i could have ever believed. get a guy like cullimore, or blake (obviously not blake, but a guy like him)

  7. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    "He never has been anything more then a good second line center and he never will become more then that"

    say, aren't the sens in desparate need of a good second line center. and don't the nuks need some d-men, and don't the sens have 8 nhl calibre d-men. ooooooooo, morrison deal aint looking so bad now

  8. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:


  9. SensShark says:

    Havlat is made of glass……and Hossa was traded for Heater, both very good players

  10. 92-93 says:

    in any deal with Phoenix, the leafs should be targeting Nagy.

  11. 92-93 says:

    you are right about one thing: it is too early to tell especially since Emery hasn't returned yet.

    dont get me wrong, the longer this goes into Nov and Dec the tougher the climb is for the Sens. but i dont see that happening. they'll turn it around before January and all of this will be the latest in a series of panic attacks to strike the nation's capital.

    and i was at the Mtl-Ott game last night, and it WASNT Gerber's performance that killed them – it was dumb penalties early in the 3rd and just a generally DISGUSTING effort by the team in front of Gerber. the senators couldn't move the puck forward and when they finally did, and got into the Habs' zone, they always made one too many passes. they are still relying WAAAY too much on fancy plays. they need to get more garbage goals (like some of the ones they scored last night).

    Gerber made some SPECTACULAR stops last night that kept the score close. it wasnt until the 3rd that it all unravelled for the Sens.

    to the fans of the ottawa Senators: STOP BLAMING YOUR GOALIE for your team's misfortunes (Lalime, Gerber). and start focussing your ire on your *****y forwards.

  12. 92-93 says:

    you would receive tons o' crap.

    but there are different standards for us 'irrational' leaf fans who are 'all the same.'

    but what are your thoughts on Antropov? I've always backed this guy but my support is also always based on a he's a tradeable asset. And the reason for that is my belief that he is only going to play half a season every year. so its best for the leafs to include him in a deal – ESPECIALLY when he is producing some decent stats. IF Antropov stays healthy up until the all-star break, he'll have close to 40 pts and 15 goals. I think at his age, he would be a good trade chip at the deadline (along with Tucker if they dont resign him by then).

    The same goes for Gill, IF he continues to play o-k in his own end (a lot of credit goes to Ian White). however, i dont think anyone wants hal gill for another 2 years at 2.1 million.

  13. neilios says:

    Trade speculation today from Kipper and Broffy from Sportsnet News is that the Canucks and Sens almost have a deal worked out that can happen by the end of the week.The players mentioned in the deal where.

    To Canucks-Vermette,Meszaros,and Neil
    To Sens-Morrison,Edler,Green,and a 2nd round pick

    The deal makes sence for both teams they are both struggling and the Sens get some much needed scoring touch in Morrison who I think needs a change of team a fresh new start and the Canucks get some much needed toughness in Neil and a pretty good pucking moving Dman in Meszaros who can Qb there 2nd line PP.A pretty big trade like this should kick both teams in the ass and should jump start both teams.Another deal they mentioned was between the Flames and Kings,and the players mentioned in the deal where.

    To Kings-Lombardi and Giordano
    To Flames-Conroy and a 3rd rounder

  14. hossa318 says:

    Well where to start, as a sens fan I am wondering how this team went from so good to soo bad. Clearly goaltending has always been a problem in Ottawa, the only time Ottawa had a capable goalie (Hasek) they were dominant. I think Muckler is a total idiot, his trades and signings are getting us no where. No offence to Heatly but hes not even 1/2 the player Hossa is and he made that trade to save 2 million and then dish out 3 million on Gerber who sucks ? I said it for so long that Hossa was Ottawa's future. Also why in the hell did he let go of Pothier ? And could someone please explain to me why is Redden making 6 million a year ? At least Chara has a physical presence to him which Ottawa clearly lacks. If Ottawa is to make a trade they need to get a proven number one goalie ! The defence right now is all over the place because they have no confidence in Gerber, same thing they were doing in the playoffs against Buffalo when Emery was giving up floater goals every game. I am pretty many of you that play hockey know how much difference a good goalie makes to the style of game you can play. Well we are almost 1/4 through the season, I just hope Muckler doesn't do something stupid, its obvious that changes are needed but what I wonder if the changes don't have to start from the GM and Coach positions (Murray I like this guy but its obvious the players are not doing what he asks of them). Maybe Ottawa should start rebuilding while they have valuable assets.

  15. neilios says:

    If the Sens where smart and wanted to win the Cup this year they would have to go after Nabakov or Toskela and these would be some possible deals to get either one of thos goalies.
    1st possible deal
    To Sens-Nabakov
    To Sharks-Gerber,Volchenkov,and Glass
    2 possible deal
    To Sens-Toskela
    To Sharks-Emery,Volchenkov,and a 1st round pick

    Does anyone agree with me with these deals????

  16. PhanufRoxs says:

    Morrison is absolutly horrible. Vigneault even made do extra off ice training because he's underachieving, they even had an article in the newpaper about it. Elder has played great, but I would trade him any day for Meszaros, Elder is gonna be a top 4 d man soon, and Meszaros is gonna be a top 2 d man. Plus Meszaros already played with the Giants in Vancouver. Neil is so much better then Green. Green has 2 point this year. This would also give Vancouver some money to resign Salo who has played brilliant this year. Vancouver would befar get the best deal, but I think it will happen, because Muckler is a horrible GM, and every GM thinks Morrison is good (I don't know why) 

  17. Nemix says:

    Whilst roaming through the type of commentary that should be left as a fan post and not an article..(imagine if the news was interpreted that way this for responses, not posted articles)..there is a common theme here and the person above me had it.. Mucker.. since his hiring, the teams depth has been fleeced, capable centres have been given away for peanuts and his anti european attitude removed decent wingers and brought up 4th line material. Muckler did this to buffalo, and why he lost his job and the team struggled for many years after.. Muckler is now doing this to the sens … get rid of him before the rebuilding process takes several years

  18. sean2006 says:

    I think if I was Nonis, I'd pull the trigger on that deal… Morrison and Bulis have been humongous disappointments this year.  Naslund, paired with Cooke and Morrison, SHOULD spark some offence, but so far…nothing.  Pyatt has benefitted from time with the Sedins, I like him there.  Kesler is brutal this year, and has been shuffled around.  Something needs to change here, and maybe a change of locale would spark some effort.

  19. cmac81 says:

    though im sure this trade will never happen either, its one of the only trades involving regher thats isnt absolutely ridiculous. it would work well for all teams. would that cap not be a problem tho?

  20. peataters says:

    1st yes
    2nd replace emery with gerber

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