Should the Canadiens be looking for a Big Center?

For the longest time the Canadiens have been saying they need a Big center who is able to produce and at the same time able to push other opponents around. But do we really need that kind of player right now or would we as fans even want that kinda of player right now?

Marleau has obviously been the player with the most attention from all canadiens fans. So many people are saying they want marleau in a trade, which by all means I would love to have on the team. He would be a great asset to any team and he makes other players that he plays with even better. The only problem I see with having such a huge name like Marleau come in is that he will obviously be one of the top 2 centers meaning one of our already top two centres have to go somewhere, and we all know we are never goin to replace Koivu because well hes got talent and the most heart in the world. That leave Plecs, the new star to wear number “14”. Where would he go? The canadiens brought in Smolinski to play on the third line as a center and they sure as hell aren’t gona put such a young guy like plecs on the fourth line.

So the way I see it is that having a new player come in that has so much talents take over as centre will slow down the production of Plecs and we all know they guy has potential. I guess he could play wing but why take him away from a position hes already good at? In my opinion, (which I know isn’t everyones) We need a pure goal scoring Winger to play on the top 2 lines and I know is kind of an old rumor but some one like Selanne would be nice. One thing I know for sure is that when or if a trade does happen we all know its going to be something none of us can really guess right now. Gainey knows the game better than any of us and he knows what we need and that something we need maybe something we don’t even know about.

Either way I’m extremly confident in the team we have right now, our young stars are going to be even better and I’m sure the Canadiens will make the playoffs.