Some moves the Leafs could try to work out…

I kinda wanna get some non-Leaf feedback, so if we could get this onto the main page, instead of the Leafs page, that would be appreciated.

The Leafs have alot of issues to work out. Mostly on defense. Lets look at the first deal. Wozniewsky, Antropov, Allison, Czerkawski, and Harrison for CuJo and Doan. I don’t see this, unless the Coyotes see some potential in Harrison and Wozzy, and are disappointed with Doan’s season and think they can fit Chow in somwhere like the Isles did.. The Yotes are a classy organization though, and if CuJo wants to go to Toronto to win a cup (like he has hinted he’d like to do.) then they’ll try to get a deal done. Doan is having a bad offensive year, but he’s a good 2 way forward. A little over rated. But right now, I’d say either Morris or Gauthier would make more sense then Shane Doan in that deal.

So the deal, I’d say should look like this.

To Toronto: Curtis Joseph, Derek Morris

To Phoenix: Jay Harrison, Jason Allison, Mariusz Czerkawski, Andy Wozniewski

The next deal rumored is a three way deal sending Belfour and Arnason to Edmonton, for this to happen things would prolly look like this.

To Chicago: Alex Khavanov, 2nd Rounder (Toronto), Racine,

To Toronto: Jason Smith, Ryan Smyth

To Edmonton: Ed Belfour, Tyler Arnason, Matt Barnaby, Aki Berg,

A little unrealistic for Smyth to be traded, possibley Horcoff, but Smyth I don’t see being moved.

The last deal I’ve got to look at is the Malone deal… Antropov and a 4th for Malone. If you can do it, do it, but I doubt the Penguins would do something like that.

And so you’ve got the Leafs looking like this.











*Or Horcoff

This team, if it stays healthy, could be a good contender for a decent playoff spot. If I were the Leafs though, I’d hope to go no higher then 6th, Carolina isn’t as hard to be as Buffalo (5th) and if Carolina keeps ahead of the Flyers, even the 7th spot may be good. Right now, I think these deals are a little far out, but I’m kinda just making adjustments to rumors I’ve heard, so don’t freak out over these.