Stajan or Peca, Who do you go with?

We are now entering August and Mike Peca still remains without an NHL home for this upcoming season.

it has been rumoured by that teams like Carolina, New York, Buffalo and even the Blues have interest in Peca.
– i highly doubt that Carolina will sign because of the aquisition of Matt Cullen.
New York– Dealing with quite a few cap issues right now, especially with the 1.9mill contract awarded to Avery.
Buffalo– Dont think want him after signing Derek Roy to that 6 year deal.
St. Louis– Peca has said before that he wants to remain in the southern Ontario region.

So now we know that the time is now for the Leafs if they want to bring Peca back, but the club still remains just 1.275mill under the cap. They were shopping around Raycroft and Stajan at the draft, and even at the trade deadline but have not triggered any interest.

i personally love what Peca brought to this club last year and would love to see him back in blue and white next year, but not at the expense of stajan, what do you guys think?