Former Star Brenden Morrow still looking for team, waiting for right fit

Brenden Morrow has a quiet determination right now. If he wasn’t so nice, you’d even say it was a chip on his shoulder.

Let’s just call it a quiet determination.

Morrow is out of work. The former Stars captain was traded to Pittsburgh last spring, had a nice little run, and then was allowed to become an unrestricted free agent. Two months later, while camps are buzzing and rosters are filling up, he doesn’t have a job.

“I feel I’ll play somewhere this season at some time. I am confident in that,” Morrow said. “But I want it to be the right fit, where I can possibly be there for a little longer time, and where I feel confident I can help. That’s what I’m looking for.”

Morrow is 34. He’s played in 850 NHL games. He has some miles on those tires. In his waning years with the Stars, he waned. Neck and back injuries were among the issues, and that’s something you don’t want to hear from a guy who likes to go to the front of the net to score goals, or likes to lead with his back in winning battles along the boards.

So you can understand the hesitancy of teams.

Even after he showed in Pittsburgh that he can still play — 14 points in 15 games to end the regular season — he left in the playoffs with a kneecap injury. It has to leave some GMs whispering to themselves, “Y’know, it’s always something with this guy.”