Stars Prospects, Rob DiMaio, New Arena

Watched the first home game at the new American Airlines Center last night. A few notes:

This league might oughtta continue to keep an eye out for Brendan Morrow and Marty Turco…

Jeff MacMillan scored the first goal for Dallas, and looked pretty nice throughout. As deep as this team is at D, I’m not so sure he doesn’t have a chance of making this club.

Steve Ott, linemate of Jason Spezza, scored three consecutive hat tricks last season. I don’t think he’s going to be expected to score just a whole lot at such time that he makes this club, but he might very well be the next Michael Peca.

I’ve never really payed Rob DiMaio much attention throughout his career…but he looked extremely fast to me last night! Does anyone have any insight on him?

Once everyone sees this new arena on TV, I think it will garner some high praise. There’s still a lot of problems (parking in particular), but the product you see on TV is really pretty good.