Team USA…just hopeful thinking?

With the Olympics approaching faster then most of us realize it is hard to fatham how good, or bad, that the united states hockey team will really be.

It is common knowledge of the type of fire power that team Canada and Czech Republic have. But after that it seems like a throw up between quite a few teams for the bronze. On paper the United States should be a lock for bronze. They certainlly have big name players that supposivily perform, or are at least payed the big bucks to perform in pressure games, but how will they really perform?

It all starts with the Goalie position, and Richter is a great goalie, no doubt, but Team USA has the same concerns about him that the Rangers do. He is getting old and his oft injured knee has yet to be tested. Of course the season will provide for that, but suppose that he couldn’t go. Whats left? Nothing to claim your fame, There isn’t a Roy, Joseph,Hasek, or even a back-up like Cechmanek so that is a position of serious concern.

If you can’t have a top-tier goalie back there then you switch your focus to Defense. Again, the defense isn’t loaded with young guns. It does have a solid core of d-men, but most of them are getting older and past their prime.

The one bright spot about Team USA, i think anyway, is their fowards. You look at the names on this Team…LeClair,Roenick,Guerin,Amonte…they jump out at you with amense talent. But whether they can perform offensivly and carry Team USA to the promised land will yet to be seen.

Anything you think on this, let me know.