In this age of ridiculous contracts and overpaid stiffs there are still a few bargains out there in the NHL. The Hockey News recently published the salaries of each and every player in the NHL and I was surprised to see how many underpaid (as well as overpaid players there were out there). So here’s my All Under a Million Team. Each of these players make a million dollars or under. If assembled into one team they would easily be the best team in the league. So even though bargains aren’t as easy to come by anymore, there are some hidden gem’s.

So what do you think of my Dollar Store Team. Is there anybody else out there who’s better than the guy’s I have listed? What other great deals are out there?


Jean Sebastien Giguere: Anaheim


Marty Turco: Dallas



Alex Tanguay: Colorado


Justin Williams: Philadelphia


Scott Gomez: New Jersey


P.J. Axelson: Boston


Kris Huselius: Florida


Martin St. Louis: Tampa


Brad Richards: Tampa


Dave Andreychuck: Tampa


Randy Robitaille: Pittsburgh



Danny Markhov: Montreal


Kim Johnsson: Philadelphia

$1,050,000 (o.k. it’s a little over, but who’s counting)?

Bryan Berard: Boston


Dan Boyle: Tampa


Andy Delmore: Nashville


Brad Bombadir: Minnesota



  1. laurie says:

    Who do you mean.

    Andre Markov or Montreal or did you just mix up Montreal with Phoenix for Danni Markov?

    Anyway, they’re both good players.

  2. Rushing says:

    I would have to say Turco of Dallas for only his $850,000 along with St Louis of Tampa for only $1,000,000 are the best two bargains out there.

    Turco currently has the 4th best GAA and the best since he’s been in the NHL. While St. Louis has 11 goals and 12 assists in 17 games. His best year he’s scored 40 pts. with 78 games. It looks like he’ll pass that 40. LOL

  3. titans says:

    Oops! I meant Andre Markov of Montreal. I messed up!

  4. Robert says:

    Good article. Must say this team could beat most of them out there. Turco the biggest underpaid player in my mind. Richards as well.

  5. big_booty says:


    Marco Sturm $1 million

    Martin Havlat $800,000

    Brendan Morrow $895,000

    Pavel Datsyuk $700,000

    Craig Berube $515,000

    Ruslan Fedotenko $715,000


    David Tanabe $550,000

    Barret Jackman $500,000

    Jaroslav Modry $700,000

    Nick Boynton $715,000


    Manny Legace $900,000

    Robert Esche $500,000

    titans, only you could consider fifty thousand dollars “a little over.”

  6. titans says:

    Hey when you make as much as me, 50 grand is a drop in the bucket.

  7. Nevermind says:

    I believe that Andrei Markov is Montreal’s most underpid player this year at 700,000$ but Petrov alaways plays with heart and always finishes the year as one of their most consistant players. So at 1.2M$ it’s a pretty good deal. Dackell is also very important to the Canadien’s penalty kill. He also only makes 1.2M$ a year. Martin Havlat of the Ottawa Sentators only makes 960,000$. that’s quite low next to other 50 Point scorers. Mike Comrie of the Edmonton Oilers also only makes about 1M$ dollars a year and he’s a 60 point scorer on his way to getting 80 points this season. Eric Cole of Carolina had a slow start this season, but he’s only making 500,000$. After last years playoff run, I’d have that guy on my team any day. Marian Gaborik is one of Minnesota’s most taleted players. He can also finish the season with one point a game. That deserves more than 1.075M$…

  8. bubbakazoo says:

    hey laurie- are you still just a kid? Call me…

  9. Beattie says:

    How bout these players some over a million but still underpaid!!!!!

    Line 1

    C – Joe Thornton (2.175)

    RW – Martin Havlat (0.800)

    LW – Sergei Samsonov (1.800)

    D – Bryan Berard (0.850)

    D – Dick Tarnstrom (0.475)

    G – Patrick Lalime (1.600)

  10. Beattie says:

    Pretty much the whole Bruins Roster is underpaid!!!

    Freakin cheap *#@!%^*&!!

    They did sign thornton to an extension, be it one year!

  11. AvangardChistov says:

    can’t say i agree with Andreychuk making that list but can’t really argue w/ the other choices.

    guys like Giguere, Turco, St. Louis, Richards and Delmore will undoubtedly double their salaries, and just about 2/3rds of your list are up for renewal in the next 1-2 seasons.

    but i see your point..

  12. habsoverserver says:

    Todd White for $750,000 for the Sens. 40 points.

    Arron Asham for $423,500 for the Isles.

    17 points but very gritty – went from not making the roster for the Habs (oops) to recently getting time on a line with Yashin and Kvasha.

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