The Beasts of the East

So I got a lot of positive feedback about my How the West Will Be Won article, so why don’t I show you guys the East. I got a lot of garbage comments about the Eastern Conference, because I said that it was too easy to predict. I’ll prove to you once again that the east is easy!
1)Philadelphia- made some big off season acquisitions and will be a force to be reckoned come playoff time. Goaltending is a question. No Lindros distractions either.

2)Washington- made the biggest trade in the off season by acquiring Jagr for three decent prospects. Will give Philly a challenge and if Kolzig can hold up, may challenge in the playoffs.

3)Toronto- off season acquisitions will make them a better team offensively but new players(Reichel, Mogilny, Renberg) may and in the past, choked in the playoffs. Cujo is always solid which will make this team tough to beat.

4)New Jersey- the loss of Mogilny will hurt during the season but come playoff time, should be a force. Will give Philly the biggest push come playoff time and has a good of shot as ever to be in the finals again. Great team depth and speed, plus Brodeur in the nets, what could go wrong?

5)Ottawa- Yashin is finally gone and it won’t hurt as much as people think. They have good young players that are waiting to break out. Havlat will only improve and Spezza could make an impact in his first season. Hossa is the top gun on the team and goaltending is solid. Good depth.

6)Buffalo- even though Hasek is gone, they still have great goaltending. Got some decent players in Peca and Hasek trades and should get into the playoffs.

7) New York Rangers- will finally get into the playoffs after a few years of drought. If team stays somewhat healthy and their goaltending holds, should make it to the post season. But it’s New York, anything can happen.

8)Pittsburgh- How could you go wrong with Mario. He’s the best. He will carry this team into the playoffs but the loss of Jagr will bring them down. Will just barely squeak into the playoffs.

So there they are. The eastern playoffs. Other teams to watch; Montreal, Carolina, Islanders, Boston, Florida. Teams without a prayer; Atlanta, Tampa Bay. I can’t wait to read the comments I get. You all know that these are the best you have seen yet! Bring it on.