The CH still looking at Bertuzzi ?

The online web site of the french newspaper La presse is currently running the story that the Montreal Canadiens are still looking to grab Todd Bertuzzi from the Vancouver Canucks.

The article cites the hockey news as spreading the rumor that a Todd Bertuzzi for Sheldon Souray swap could be a possibility.

The article is not clear if it would be one on one or if picks would be exchanged as well.

My take : I can’t really believe the Canucks would let go of Bertuzzi for an ordinary d-man like Souray. I would believe that another team could give way more than that. Two things, either a lot of picks would have to be added, or they would go for a Thorntonesque trade.

Don’t shoot the messenger.

source : (in french) (they don’t usually run those kind of stories so I guess it’s at least a bit serious).