The Leafs Look real bad in 3-0 loss.

In a night where the Habs put out a bunch of young players the Leafs were supose to put on a show in Newfoundland. Well that was not the case as Toronto was shut out and out played.Cujo and Jeff Farkas were the only bright spots for the Leafs. The habs had several 2 on 1 chances and the Leafs turned the puck over several times, as they did last year the Leafs looked real bad in their own end. The defence would panic every time a Hab would come near them forcing the defender to make a bad pass. Pilar played on the defence but did not stand out. Farkas was the best leaf on this night as he was checking and running all over the ice, he has some real talent and should get a real look to stick with the big club. It would be a shame to see him stay on the rock. Valk , Domi,and Hoglund taking up spots on the roster and this kid will not? That would be a real letdown for Leaf fans.

The Habs played without any real big names and made the Buds look real bad!! Montreal had Mathieu Garon and Vadim Tarasov combine for the shutout. Only Craig Darby would you even slightly know on this score sheet. Cujo had to stop several 2 on 1 chances as the same old leafs came to play. This team will not contend for a cup with the effort they put on here. In the lineup for the Leafs were Sundin(got the bucks and did nothing all night), Renberg(no speed and bad hands-could have scored once but missed an open net-STIFF), Roberts(who kicked the holly crap out of some Hab, i even had to turn away as it was real bad), Tucker(who got in a fight and may have hurt his elbow), Cujo(who has to be wondering why the team won’t pay him the bucks and Sundin got them-with an effort like last night), Antropov(Had a breakaway and blew it on a fanned shot-this guy has shown me nothing last night and should be put down in the AHL,he looked out of shape and slow-and he is supose to be contending for a spot?), McCauley(he looked poor and did not impress-another guy looking to do something and blew it all night long. Was given the chance to play on the powerplay some of the night and did not look good , making some bad passes-AHL also) and Pilar(he did not do too bad-played on the power play and did not look out of place-made some good plays and was not afraid to take the body-was out of place a few times but was trying to make some plays-that was more than what i could say about the rest of the team).

This team needs a pure punisher on defence that will make teams think twice about flying into the Leaf end. All night long the Habs skated with speed into the Leaf end. Straight in and right at the goaltender. Mike Minard took over for Cujo half way through the game and also looked real good stopping all but one shot and that goal came after the Leafs defence coughed up the puck in their own end. Jeff Farkas was the best leaf last night, as he played with speed and a fire under him all night. Antropov and McCauley look real bad!! They were slow and right off. Antropov is really looking like a stiff. He showed bad hands and lack of heart.

This team looked like the leafs of old!! Bad in their own end and relied on Cujo or Minard to bail them out. I know it is only 1 game but man they really stunk up the joint. Even if they play twice as good as this they will be a bad team. They need defensive help and they need it bad!!