The waiting game continues for 88.

The Rangers have now sent Eric to a neurolagist in Montreal.It’s certainly starting to look like the Lindros to NY.may not happen.Clarke has told the Ranger as well as TSN that if a deal is not complete today another team is interested in the big center.L.A is said to be that other team.For Eric and the rest of us It’s wait and see.Things are pointing towards the Rangers having second thoughts,with the extra testing one could come to the conclusion ,that the reaction this trade has had in NY, the Ranger brass are second guessing themselves.With all likelyhood this deal should be done today,but if the insurance company for the Rangers aren’t satisfied today this deal will die.The problem right now is ,apparently the initial $3 mil.guranteed to Lindros is not guaranteed.With that not being covered and the talent they have to give up in the trade,may be more than the Rangers are willing to swallow should something happen to Eric.Rumor has it Clarke is eager to talk trade with LA,no word on who they’re offering,but a Palffy and conditional pick,offer has been thrown about.Just another day in the life of Eric Lindros!