This Years Habs

First post so please don’t destroy me if you don’t agree.

So far the Habs have a 2-2-2 record and that could be worse looking at the teams they have played so far not to mention only 2 home games.

Yes they could be better and yes they could have won more games due to penalty calls and bad officials but they have been in each game and even when they haven’t (Canes @ home) they were still close.

As for the team: I like Kovi but his time is done with the Habs and is gaining in popularity with his play. He would be a good addition to an Westcoast team. Would Tanguay be any better as some suggest?

SJ would be a good fit for Halak, I’m sure Kovi would do well and if we can get Marleau and Bernier I would go for it. Throw in Kostops and we got a deal. I know more would be needed for that trade but it could be done.

Get rid of Brise-by, what where they thinking by signing him again?????

I hate to say it but Koivu wants a contender and something has to be done or he’ll walk after next year. Isn’t his good buddy Rivet in SJ? Just saying nothing really but there are many possibilities.