Tomas Kaberle will not be traded

Tomas Kaberle’s future with the Canadiens seems increasingly uncertain, but the defender is not about to require a transaction to be able to go play elsewhere this season.

That at least is what told La Presse Rick Curran, the agent’s Czech defender. In a telephone interview, Curran insisted that his client will not ask to be traded.

“Tomas is certainly not happy with this turn of events, said the agent. He would play better, obviously. But he did not intend to ask to be traded. ”

Kaberle, who will soon be 35, has not attended a single game since Feb. 2. In all, the veteran defender had to leave his place in the last nine games for his club since then, and nothing suggests that it will soon be back in training, while the Canadian prepares to receive the Islanders New York tonight at the Bell Centre.