Trade Deadline: Who's going where?

There are alot of guys who’ll be available at the deadline. Them not being traded by now just means this’ll be the most exciting March 9th in a long time! So who’s going where??

I think there are a few teams guaranteed to make moves, George McPhee (Washington Capitals GM) has said that Witt will be moved, and Kevin Lowe (Edmonton Oilers GM) and John Ferguson JR. (Toronto Maple Leafs GM) have said they will definately make changes, Ferguson should make a move soon, he said he’d prolly have one done by the Olympics. He also said that his team would be buyers, because it’d likely cost him his job if they didn’t make the playoffs.

Below are the players available, teams interested, and my take.

Shane Doan

Current Team: Phoenix Coyotes

Teams Interested: Philadelphia Flyers, Ottawa Senators, Toronto Maple Lefs

My take: Well, I’m gonna say he stays in Phoenix. If he gets traded I say Philly though. Philly has the room with Primeau hurt, and he doesn’t fit in with the Sens team, also, him going to Toronto was only mentioned a few times through out the year, and it makes absolutely no sense, because they need a scoring winger for the top 2 lines, and Doan is more of a grinder.

Dallas Drake

Current Team: St Louis Blues

Teams Interested: Ottawa Senators, Philadelphia Flyers, Edmonton Oilers

My Take: Edmonton likes the chippy guys like Drake, don’t be surprised to see them pick it up. Philadelphia has bigger fish to fry, and the Ottawa Senators really don’t need a forward with Havlat comming back soon, they’re more interested in a goalie.

Marian Gaborik

Current Team: Minnesota Wild

Teams Interested: Ottawa Senators, Toronto Maple Leafs

My take: This rumor is rediculous, he’s staying in Minnesota, he’s the franchise player, and it would take a big package of top prospects and high picks, both teams prospects are very important to them right now.

Curtis Joseph

Current Team: Phoenix Coyotes

Teams Interested: Vancouver Canucks, Edmonton Oilers, Toronto Maple Leafs

My take: Edmonton. The Canucks could have Cloutier back soon, and Alex Auld is playing fine, the Toronto Maple Leafs will only even try if they can dump Belfour, which is very unlikely.

Keith Tkachuck

Current Team: St Louis Blues

Teams Interested: New York Rangers, Philadelphia Flyers

My take: I’d say Philadelhphia if anywhere, apparently he’d only be able to be moved if the team will pick up his 3.5 million dollar option, which’ll count 5.7 million towards the cap due to averages and what not. The Rangers reportedly had a deal done for him, but it fell through because Tkachuck wouldn’t waive his no trade clause because the Rangers wouldn’t pick up his option. It would make more sense if the Blues picked up his option, and tried trading him from there.

Todd Bertuzzi

Current Team: Vancouver Canucks

Teams Interested: Ottawa Senators, Philadelphia Flyers, Montreal Canadiens

My take: Well, I’m gonna say he stays put. Philadelphia has better options, and are going to busy chasing Doan, Tkachuck, and Drake. The Senators know he’s too slow for their game, and Montreal… well they’re offering Souray, and not even Vancouver is desperate enough to take Souray on defense.

Martin Biron

Current Team: Buffalo Sabres

Teams Interested: Los Angeles Kings, Edmonton Oilers, Vancouver Canucks

My take: He will likely be traded. Edmonton will land CuJo, and Alex Auld is just as good as Biron, so I’m gonna say Los Angeles. They know without a goalie Anaheim, Edmonton, and San Jose can catch them, and they are going to get a little desperate near the deadline.

Joe Nieuwendyk

Current Team: Florida Panthers

Teams Interested: Atlanta Thrashers, Calgary Flames.

My Take: These rumors are just popping up. Look for Calgary to take a run at the former fan favorite if Marc Savard, or Olli Jokinen prove to be too expensive for the team. I don’t see why Atlanta would want a centre like Joe Nieuwendyk, when they are now apparently shopping centre Marc Savard. Don’t make too much sense to me.

Olli Jokinen

Current Team: Florida Panthers

Teams Interested: Colorado Avalanche, Ottawa Senators, Calgary Flames

My take: If Florida wins it’s next few games, they’re not gonna send the wrong messege and start salary dumping, but Mike Keenan doesn’t like this guy, they might get something good in return. They could probably use a defenseman in Florida, if they wanna take a late push for the playoffs. Something Calgary and Colorado have an abundance of, which I think gives them the definate advantage.

Brendan Witt

Current Team: Washington Capitals

Teams Interested: Toronto Maple Leafs, Nashville Predators, Los Angeles Kings, Vancouver Canucks, Boston Bruins, Montreal Canadiens, New York Islanders,

My Take: A very highly coveted player, because he’s inexpensive, and a solid defender. Toronto falls out of it, because they only want him if they can get him to an extention. Vancouver is desperate and might over pay. Nashville is apparently in the lead, but this is a “we may want” kinda thing. Vancouver will very likely get desperate and over pay.

Ed Belfour

Current Team: Toronto Maple Leafs

Teams Interested: Los Angeles Kings, Edmonton Oilers

My Take: Edmonton if they can’t get CuJo, but don’t expect too much in return. Although Jeremy Roenick, and Mike Peca are being shopped by Edmonton because they are old and overpaid… sounds like something the Leafs would want.

Bryan Mccabe

Current Team: Toronto Maple Leafs

Teams Interested: New York Rangers, Carolina Hurricanes

My take: I’ve heard either Cole, or Kaberle, a pick, and Ladd for McCabe from Carolina. Doesn’t make too much sense… I thought Pat Quinn and John Ferguson were the only people dumb enough to think that this sad excuse for a defender is good enough to be making 3.5 million, let alone expect a 5.5 million dollar extention for five years, which he wants.

Well, that’s about it for now, I’ll try to get another one done by Thursday. I’m going to have a terrible cold on Thursday so I can stay and discuss rumors, and report rumors here.