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Capitals trade disgruntled Erat to Coyotes for Klesla, Brown

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  1. doorman says:

    I think Klesla would’ve been a good pick up for the Leafs.

    I am also hoping some of my fellow members join here today for discussions. Other boards just aren’t the same my friends.

  2. lafleur10 says:

    doorman i think it’ll be fun today…… however i don’t expect much from the habs as usual they always do those useless moves like mike weaver! what a effin joke i’m pissed about this!

    • doorman says:

      LOL, lafleur buddy at least you guys made a trade. I don’t think Nonis will. I just wanna talk trades period. I mean Look at yesterday with Bobby Lou, years ago this board would’ve been lit up, last night nobody but me even commented.

      • realistic_leafs_fan says:

        As for the Leafs, they need to move Kulimen for picks if they hope to do anything bigger.
        I thought Kulimen for Niskanen was possible until both Martin and Letang went down.
        I expect only a minor move on D depth or bottom 6 depth unless some other pieces fall.

        • doorman says:

          Ya, I think Nonis needs to trade away a UFA in or to gain the room to make a “hockey” trade. But here is hoping a few more guys jump into talk about things. Like oh say Gillis looking like even more of a tool then he is. What a crap return for not one but two legit all star caliber goaltenders.

  3. realistic_leafs_fan says:

    The more I think about Kesler the more I am intrigued. Getting Kesler would mean that Bolland re-signing does not become as critical. He should be good for another 3-4 seasons at least and two more years at$5mil per is not much more than Bolland is asking. Kadri will also want in the $5mil range a year from now.
    Moving Kadri for Kesler may make sense financially as well as improving the team immediately. With Kesler, Holland could come in as a inexpensive 3rd line centre next season and allow the team to spend the money on the backend where they need it.(No Bolland or Kadri would mean a lot of cap room left)
    Not saying Kesler would come to Toronto, but the more I think about it, the idea opens many options. I know some will say we shouldn`t move young talent with upside and I get that. Without moving Schenn, there would be no JVR. Without moving 2 firsts, there would be no Kessel. Sometimes you win on those moves and sometimes you lose(Rask).
    You know what you`re getting in Kesler, does anyone really know what we are getting in Kadri?
    The Leafs should be in “win now” mode. Not to the extent of trading picks for rentals, but building a winner to compete now and for a few years to come.imo

  4. realistic_leafs_fan says:

    Here’s some Reimer trades to chat about (for fun relax lol)

    To Buffalo for Enroth, Pysyk/Foligno

    To SanJose for Stalock, Doherty

    Reimer, Gardiner, 2014 1st to NY for Poulin, Reinhart (Snow, you never know lol)

    Reimer, Kulimen to the Caps for Neuvirth and Wilson (Caps are desperate to make playoffs)

    • doorman says:

      Oh here is hoping for a miracle on the 3rd suggestion, I would also do the 4th and 1st in that order

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