Two Trade Rumors, One Just a Thought

Titles of Articles:

1)”Amonte To Leafs?”

written by: Anonymous

2)”Could Barnett Get Nedved if He Doanates to Sather?”

written by: Micki Peroni Amonte to Leafs??

I just visited the Blackhalks board a couple of days ago and it seems a new team has jumped into the Tony Amonte sweepstakes. The Toronto Maple Leafs. Members of this elusive board suggest that GM Smith has talked to the Leafs about possibly aquiring the disgruntled right winger.It is believed that the Leafs are offering centre Nik Antropov, Jonas Hoglund, defencemen Jonathon Zion and a couple of early round picks. I’m not sure about the clarification of this trade but it is indeed a rumor. A very intersting rumor. If aquired, I imagine Amonte would play with Mogilny and Reichal and centre Alan McCauley could finally find a permenant job with the Buds. GM Smith has always showed interest in his former clubs players aquiring Steve Sullivan , Steve Thomas and Alexander Karpovtsev. I imagine he must be vastly interested in Antropov as he has expressed his need for a young upandcoming centre. Also he said he wants a low salary good solid winger and a defencmen. Torontos offer would be one to consider as they both have the money and the roster space to make this deal. I would imagine if this deal transpires, that the Leafs would have to have an extension worked out with Amonte because you don’t want to trade for him and see him leave for free agency.
Anyways, its just a rumor, tell me what you guys think….

Could Barnett Get a Need-vet if He Doanates to Sather?

It has been a weird time for Nedved, and it has been too long that Petr Nedved is still not re-signed by the Rangers. Nedved’s agent Mike Barnett has become the Coyote’s new General Manager. Since the Coyotes are a very young team that has no depth in centers, could Barnett bring Nedved over? What could Sather ask? Shane Doan would be the perfect choice. This is just a wild idea, but Doan and Lindros could be great together. What do you guys think?