Updates on Trade Rumors

Could Potvin sing with the Blues? Jagr still needs a center line-mate by his side, is Hrdina still on the block, passing by is Zubrus? So many rumors on the Rangers, yet Sather makes them seem like useless ones, how so? Are the Caps having Oatmeal cereal for breakfast next week? Well, so many trade rumors are starting to grow as training camp is coming up, waivers draft soon, pre-season soon to happen, and finally the regular season. Finally we hockey fans who are dying to hear something new should be quite interested in this article. The first article is written by ProngerBlues44 titled Potvin Traded?. Then, the other small news come to to end.

Potvin Traded?

The LA Kings have been heard to trade one of their three goaltenders. Stephane Fiset has mostly been the one rumored to go, but maybe it won’t be him after all. Felix Potvin has been heard to be upset with LA Kings management, and might be traded (#3 on Potvin’s trade watch). Could he be traded?

Felix ‘The Cat’ was an All-Star goalie with the Toronto Maple Leafs for many years. They signed “CuJo” Curtis Joseph and shipped Felix to the Islanders. He wasn’t playing to his potential, so he was dealt to Vancouver. In my mind, I thought he played great in a Canuck uniform, but they sent him away anyway to LA, that’s where he stands now.

There have been rumors that Felix could be a Blue, according to a few Blues message boards. There could be a deal struck that would send Pavol Demitra to LA, since the Kings lost Lucky Luc to free-agency. They are a little weak in the left wing position, and Demitra could fill that void. He would be a perfect fit to LA hockey, and Potvin would fit well with an already strong St. Louis defense.

Other rumors have included both New York teams (more Rangers), Florida, Montreal and the Wild.

But then again, he could just be let go in the waiver draft…..

What do you think?

~Jeff P.


When will GM Patrick ever make up his mind? Does he really want to trade Hrdina or not? Does he wants to give another favor for the Capitals? The main question is, why are there still rumors about this Hrdina to Caps for Zubrus? Well, first of all, Larry Wigge of The Sporting News reported this rumor. The talks of Hrdina traded to the Caps for Zubrus resume. My question to this is why now and why was it not done before? Are these two GMs trying to fool us fans by making it seem it was not part of the Jagr trade? This is what GM Patrick is facing here. He is facing a team which has his former best player, Jaromir Jagr. The Capitals are in desperate need to fing a center that could accommodate Jagr, Hrdina being the “chosen one”. My question to GM Patrick is, “what the heck are you thinking?”.

Doesn’t GM Patrick realize that he could have McPhee wrapped around his finger as he thought Sather had him around his finger? Everyone knows Oates dislikes playing for the Caps and that he wants to be traded, so what is GM Patrick’s advantage here? He could make a steal for a Hrdina trade. Why is Zubrus so important? Well, I always did like Zubrus since he was an 18 year old wearing a Flyers uniform, and I also think that Zubrus needs to have a player on his side to show his talents, duh…how about pairing him with Jagr? If Zubrus happens to be dealt for the Penguins, it is a great deal for Patrick. Zubrus could finally prove whether he can be a true NHLer by playing with players such as Straka, Kovalev, Lang, and Lemieux. Is it a risk? Sure it is, because I also think that Zubrus could be a 3rd line career player. Anyway, why does Patrick have such an advantage for this deal? Well, he knows that the Capitals and Jagr would have a three-mile smile if Hrdina would be on the squad. Could Patrick play the wise guy? Sure he can, why do I only hear Zubrus as the player in return? Sure, it might be Zubrus and a draft pick, but is that enough, or should that be enough? No, it’s not enough. Patrick should make up for that Jagr deal, and he should ask Zubrus, a solid and not too old defenseman, and yet, either another prospect or a draft pick. Obviously it would be insane for the Caps to do such a trade, but it would make the Jagr deal fair…and don’t they really need a center? This is where GM Patrick proves to be a smart GM or not. If he keeps Hrdina, he makes the Caps suffer in need of a center, which is smart, or if he gets a deal such as mentioned before, then he is smart. But, if he trades for Zubrus and a draft pick, then he makes himself look like an idiot. Of course, choosing Sather’s “the waiting game” could also be a smart move.

Is Osgood good to be in the city that never sleeps? I’ve been disagreeing with such ridiculous reports from newspapers about the Rangers looking to trade for another starting goaltender. What kind of an idiot would make such a move? Well, Neil Smith would, but this is Glen Sather we’re talking about here. The New York Dailey News reports that Sather has ZERO interest in acquiring another goaltender, a goaltender who is a starter. How so? Well sure Richter did have two knee injuries, one on each knee, but Richter is one of the few goalies in hockey’s history to come back from a major injury and play like a top 10 goaltender. For example, before the Rangers won the Stanley Cup back in 1994, Richter pulled a hamstring which turned out to be a major injury that made him miss many games, results he stil turned out to play as a top 3 goaltender by the time the Rangers won the Cup. Another example, last season when Richter came back from the knee surgery. He was very out of shape the first ten games which made Sather decide to possibly trade Richter to the Blues, after marking the Rangers goaltender record for most wins. Yet, Richter was just starting to get hot, make spectacular saves, but re-injured his other knee leaving him not tradable. Can Richter do this again? Known as a very positive minded person, a great athlete, a great work ethic, and a guy who never gives up, Richter does have a big shot starting the season almost 100% fresh and back in shape. How so? During the USA team training camp, Richter has impressed observers as well as Assistant GM Don Maloney of the Rangers. So if Richter does turn out to have a decent start to a good continuing season, then why trade for a goalie like Osgood or Potvin? GM Sather is making the right choice here. Why risk paying a starter goaltender as a back up, and why taking up a spot for a young goalie to become a back up, Blackburn has a chance of becoming one because of his impressive training camp work, but Holmqvist will probably take that spot. Is Sather risking it? He is taking a risk on Lindros, and he might take a risk on Richter. What if Richter turns out to be slumpy? By then, Osgood and Potvin or Fiset could be as good as gone to other teams. Exciting year for the Rangers huh? Don’t be so “Oh my God, what will happen to Lindros!?”. What about Paul Kariya? That major talented player is almost half the size of Lindros, and he too is risking to end his career every game…do i hear a lot about that? No I don’t. Don’t expect the Rangers to pull off a goaltending trade unless either Richter is immediately dealt to the Blues, or if Richter does not do well in training camp and Sather makes a trade.

McPhee has Adam Oates picture on his wall, and it reminds him that it’s not so bad, it’s not so bad. Dido probably inspired McPhee to not act stupid with Oates. Oates reported that he will join the Washington Capitals in training camp, still unhappy, still wanting to be traded, but not wanting to be suspended, in courtesy of ESPN.com. This could be a chance for Jagr, Wilson, and McPhee to have a nice good Oatmeal breakfast for the regular season. Since McPhee has two options of either pleasing Oates and begging him on his knees to ask forgiveness and show the money on an extension, a two year deal possibly, or trading Zubrus and more, depending on GM Patrick, to the Penguins for Jan Hrdina. If McPhee can make Oates smile, then he will make the fans, the players, Jagr, Wilson, and Leonsis smile. The bottom line for the Caps is, THEY NEED A CENTER LIKE OATES! If Oates will stay with the Caps and play with them throughout the season, then expect Jagr’s goals to sky rocket and maybe beating Pavel Bure for the Rocket Richard Trophy. Is Oates making a smart move here? Obviously, and it is not a smart idea to force a player to play on your team and expect him to perform great. So, McPhee will not get away with it if Oates still demands to be traded even if he plays 1st line with Jagr. It’s either show Oates the money to play happily, or show Oates the door.

What I like about these trade rumors and news, is that it makes you think…it makes you want to think smart on what will be the best choice for each GM to do. Is it smart for GM Taylor to deal Potvin and not sign him? After all, Potvin wants a long-term contract, it’s not a money issue…would you trust Potvin for 4 or 5 years? GM Sather to not make any goaltender deals, smart or not? I think it all depends on how Richter looks. If Richter passes training camp, then there’s no need to trade for another number one goalie to act as back up. Who is out-smarting who here? GM Patrick, GM McPhee, or Oates? If you think about it, this mess only started because of Jagr. The Capitals need a center because of coach Wilson’s criticism on Oates. Ok, the ice time is correct to try and find some scoring, but to say he ran out of gas was just wrong. Is Jagr troubling the Caps at this moment? Yes, they need a Center and/or a LW to make Jagr affective.

Micki Peroni