What could happen at the deadline/off-season

There are rumors and speculation every where, here’s some stuff I’ve heardGoing into the trade deadline, Glenn Murray is apparently available, the first rumor I heard was the Toronto Maple Leafs, but then Los Angeles and Might Ducks apparently jumped into the race.

Roberto Luongo could be headed to Vancouver or Colorado. Colorado seems to be a likely choice. Pierre Lacroix seems to like French players. Dave Nonis probabley realizes he could get a cheaper goalie like Biron, or Weekes, and then there’s the Bertuzzi-Belfour rumors. But Biron seems to be the best cjoice, because he’s the hottest of those goalies, he is cheapest paycheck wise, and he’d cost less then Luongo or Belfour.

The Bruins may be looking at a blockbuster deal with Florida, according to someone at the Hockeyleaks.com board. The deal would send Murray, Raycroft, and Samsonov for Luongo, Roberts, Bouwmeester and a pick or a prospect. This deal is a little stupid for Boston, if they get rid of Raycroft trade him to Vancouver, Edmonton, or Colorado, and then they wouldn’t need to take a goalie in return. Toivonen can get the job done, and really, would you rather two capable starters, or a starter, a backup, and a decent forward or defenseman.

More Leaf rumors, Belfour for Bertuzzi. That’s pretty dumb… but hey, It’s a Leaf rumor, aren’t they all? The Canucks need a goalie but what happens when Cloutiers back? And who’s our starter? Tellqvist? Ok then, who’s our backup? Do we go out and sign Checkmanek or Potvin? It doesn’t make sense.

This summers free agent pool is deep, could Joe Sakic decide to go home to BC? Imagine Naslund-Sakic-Bertuzzi? Three of the top 5 players in hockey all on one line… Just amazing.

The Leafs will likely look to get Brian Leetch back, he’s having a decent year, and their defense core is pretty pitiful. He’s actually on pace for more points then last year, imagine Leetch feeding McCabe for a hole season, and with the Leafs having possibley $45 000 000 as a cap, and only $11 500 000 tied down to Steen, Stajan, Sundin, Domi, and O’neill.

Speaking of the Leafs, McCabe, Tucker, and Kaberle are all having great seasons and are all UFAs. With $34 million they have to re-sign them and add whoever they wanna add at an average of a little more then two million each. If the Sens end up losing Chara or Redden via free agency, Kaberle and McCabe are cheaper then those guys, and the Sens could easily add one of them.

The last Leaf rumor, I promise. Jeremy Roenick suggested in the Toronto Star that he’d like to sign with the Leafs this summer.

And the Ducks are possibley looking to add Bertuzzi this summer, some people are saying he’s a free agent this summer, and some say, he has one more year, if someone can clear this up it would be greatly appreciated.

Sorry for the mass of Leaf rumors, it’s just kinda the news I get.