What would koivu waive is NTC for ??

Just like the leafs, it has been well speculated that the habs should try to get rid of their captain. But with his NTC, where would koivu could possibly accept to go ?? This is pure speculations based on nothing but logic, but it would make great sense to me that only 2 teams could be where koivu would like to pursue his career. Those 2 teams are the wild and sharks. Obviously, these are 2 good teams and possibly contenders but i guess that koivu would waive his claude only to go find his pal Rivet or his brother Miko. Would these teams have something good to offer in return ?? sure they would.

Starting with San jose. Everybody knows that San Jose is dealing with the issue that Ron Wilson and Marleau dont get along so if you can possibly send them Koivu + Halak and a young prospect puck moving dman like subban, tehn you could have a deal. halak would allow Nabokov to rest a bit and go from 75 games played to about 60-65. koivu would be a great 2nd line center for them and subban is a major blueliner prospect where the sharks are lacking.

As for the wild, a deal involving koivu would not give us the big centerman that we have been chanting for these past few years. But on the other hand we could try to go for a very good player such as Bouchard and a prospect to go with it like maybe Kalus and/or a draft pick.

As a habs fan, i have to admitt that koivu`s leadership and consistency have been questionable and that a move would probably make the team better. As for me, i think that a move with San Jose would make more sense especially if we include a young Dman like subban or fisher.