Where did all the sellers go?

16 teams make the playoffs. 14 teams do not. Ideally then, there would be 16 buyers and 14 sellers. This is rarely the case, as sub playoff teams look for a boost, while some 7th or 8th place teams wonder if its worth while to buy a player.

This season seems to be more of the prior. Sellers are falling off the board left right and center, meaning this Deadline could very well be slim pickings. Last deadline, there were a good 8 teams selling players at the deadline. The Islanders, Kings, Thrashers, Bolts, Maple Leafs, Blue Jackets, Blues, and Sabres all gave away a wide range of Talent, most noticeably Marian Hossa.

This deadline is shaping up to be much different. In the west the Colorado Avalanche are 15th, yet are a mere 7 points out of a playoff spot. Smyth has said he wants to stay in Colorado (and make the playoffs), and the team is determined to make a push. Moving up the line you see Phoenix, (5 points out) who desperately need to make the playoffs for financial reasons. Past that you’re looking at the blues and Predators, teams that are simply too good to be thinking about selling. So at best one can expect 1 maybe 2 sellers from the west. But only if those teams drop off in the next 2 weeks.

In the east things are much more wide open. 10 teams are solidly locked in a playoff hunt, and the other 5 really have no hope. Having said that, the Ottawa Senators just pulled off a trade BUYING players from Long Island.

So when you look at teams that are true sellers, there are really only four. Toronto, The Islanders, Atlanta, and Tampa Bay.

Then you look at the buyers. San Jose, Detroit, Boston, Washington, Calgary, Chicago, and Philly will all be looking to upgrade on March 4. Same with about 16 other teams currently looking at the final 8 playoff spots.

Schnieder just cost the habs a 2nd round pick (5 goals 17 points), and Comrie and Campoli just cost the Sens a 1st (combined 13 goals and 37 points).

Its a sellers market, so watch for the smart GM’s to do nothing.