Who Is Really The Unadaptable One?

This is along the lines of Koivu: Fallen Leader

While reading it, I thought about something. Rather, someone. Saku Koivu. Like my fellow writer said, he’s not having a season that we are used to. And it makes me wonder…is it actually Koivu that is a problem, in terms of chemistry, that is. Higgins, Ryder, Latendresse, and all those 1st line tryouts from the beginning of the year (although Latendresse had a good stretch with Koivu, they didn’t gel) none of these guys have been able to create a solid line with Koivu. However, Higgins found chemistry with Lapierre. Ryder as well. Ryder also found some chemistry with Smolinski. Latendresse plays more with S. Kostitsyn, although they are on the same line as Koivu (or were….I really don’t like Guy’s new lines). We are constantly talking about who can play with Koivu. The Kostitsyn, Kovalev, and Plekanec line has been firing all season. The Higgins, Lapierre, and Ryder line looked promising. As soon as begin is back a smolinski, Begin, and Kostopoulos/Dandenault line should be great. But what about Koivu. Is he simply a victim of having so many line partners this year? I thinks it is time to find a centre for our wingers instead of the other way around. I have heard many centreman rumors, but few of them ever involve Koivu. Many people seem to want to keep him on as a 3rd line centre. It makes no sense. If next year Plek, Kov, and Kost are our first line, all we need is a decent sized relatively well-talented 2nd line centreman. No need for a superstar. Take whatever money Koivu is earning (4.5M, am I right?) and give it to someone younger, bigger, and faster, but not an all-star. Don’t forget about Higgins, Komisarek, Streit, Kovalev, and Ryder (I do like him quite a bit, if he, Laps, and Higgins were given time to gel, I think that would be one solid third line!) who are all UFA or RFA pretty soon. Anyways, just my opinion.

Your thoughts?