Who Montreal should target

Well Montreal should target a LW/RW
1.ATLANTA:RW: M.Hossa, :D: K.KLEE…
Montreal should offer M.Ryder, 1st round draft pick, J.Halak, M.Grabrovsky, J.Gorges, And throw in J.P.Cotee or J.Ferland or both who cares really

Atlana will not get a better deal than this.. no one will offer what montreal could offer for an UFA ryder a 30 goal scorer, 1st round draft pick, young upcomming goaltending prospect wich they need big time lethonen aint doing it, grabrovesky a good prospect, Gorges a good young block shooting prospect and the throw inns

If it doesnt work go for the next trade

2.CALGARY:LW: A.Tanguay
MONTREAL should offer M.Ryder, S.Begin, M.Grabrovesky, 3rd round draft pick, J.P.Cotee
Calgary will get ryder 30 goal scorer s.begin total keenan player grabrovesky good prospect, J.P.Cotee defensive prospect an they shed money to sign their players