Who will win the Jack Adams?

I recently wrote an article on who will win the Norris, but now the question poses as who will be the best coach this season?There are a lot of great coaches out there who could win it. Last season it was Bill Barber of Philadelphia, and the season before was Joel Quenneville of the Blues. Both will have a decent shot this season, but have some strong competition.

First you look at the obvious choices; Scotty Bowman of Detroit, Bob Hartley of Colorado, Ken Hitchcock of Dallas, New Jersey’s Larry Robinson and of course Quenneville and Barber. But there are some underrated coaches out there.

Ron Wilson does a great job in Washington. I actually heard some speeches he gave in the Caps’ locker room and they really impressed me. He motivates the team by being excited himself and telling intriguing stories.

Darryl Sutter really knows his stuff in San Jose. Darryl was a huge part in the upset of St. Louis 2 years ago in the first round, as well as driving the StL/SJ series to 6 games last season. He taught his team the style of play St. Louis plays, and taught how exactly to beat it. He doesn’t get the recognition he deserves.

Who do I think the winner will be? I really see Buffalo’s coach pulling away with it. Lindy Ruff has really helped with the molding of Martin Biron to starting goalie. He is another coach who doesn’t get recognized like he should get. I see him winning but in a tight race.

Larry Robinson comes in a close second while Sutter snags third.

Jom Schoenfeld puts his announcing job on the line saying ESPN will win an Emmy but they lose and he loses the farm (Only Coyotes and Blues fans would know what I’m talking about).

That’s just my take, what about you?

~Jeff P.