Who's the Odd Man Out on Colorado's blueline?

Tomorrow night the Canucks play the Avalanche who will be intorducing Jordan Leopold in the Colorado jersey. With his presence, that being a top 4 dman, someone is likely to be traded. But who’s going?

John Liles is not likely to be traded; for years Liles has been groomed to lead the blueline. Karlis Skrastins is an unbelievablely under-rated dman, leads ALL players in most consecutive games played and is always one of the leagues top shot blockers, so he’s staying put. Brett Clark has been a nice suprise these past two seasons, he’s able to produce offensively and doesn’t play recklessly in his own zone. Then there’s Klee, the player everyone thought would be a utility player, turns out he’s leading the team in +/- and averages 20 minutes a game. Don’t forget about Brisbois, even though I’d like to, this is the guy I would want moved. His constant defensive lapses are inexcusable for someone making 2.25 M a year. But unfortunatly, most teams aren’t going to want that contract with Brisbios’ current play.

So who’s the odd man out? That would be Ossi Vaananen. A very good defensive player and hitter. He’s only 26 and is under the 1 M mark. The potential for him to be a top defensive dman is there, the question is can he stay healthy? Even though his health is a question mark I’m sure there are numerous teams out there that would want Vaananen, possibly for a prospect, or high draft pick.

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  1. Uncleben says:

    Seems like TSN has ansered your question.

    TSN is reporting in their Ice Chips section that the Denver Post is saying it is Vaananen who is the odd man out.

    "Colorado Avalanche: With Jordan Leopold scheduled to make his debut Saturday against the Canucks, coach Joel Quenneville will have to sit one of his current defencemen. There are indications the Avs may be trying to move one of their seven healthy defencemen via a trade. One NHL management source said Thursday the Avs have had talks with a couple of teams about Ossi Vaananen… -Denver Post"


  2. SabresFan220 says:

    How much longer is Vaananen under contract? I've always liked him, but I dunno if he fits into the scheme of the New NHL. He's not a great skater but as a physical defenseman who blocks shots like nobody's business and I would love him in a Buffalo uniform. Of course the Sabres would need to trade a roster player to be able to afford him since they're at the cap (unless Connolly is sitting the entire season). If this is the last year of Ossi's deal he'll demand a salary probably around $1.5 million or more after this year, and if he can't stay healthy he's not really worth the risk. That said, Vaananen would provide the Sabres with needed defensive depth, more shot blocking ability, and a physical defenseman that we're lacking. His inability to skate well and move the puck quickly is the only reason he kind of doesn't fit the Buffalo mould.

    The only player I could see being traded from Buffalo might be Kotalik, but he just signed a 3 year deal and would have a higher value than Vaananen. Lindy Ruff loves Kotalik too, and he's a hard worker who really pushes himself. I would be sad to see him go and feel bad for him because he's done a good job helping the team succeed this year, his numbers just aren't where they ought to be. His shot is one of the best in the league and the Aves really would love him on their powerplay. Largely due to his long term deal, Kotalik for Vaananen would be a good trade if the Aves threw in a decent draft pick.

  3. UWSensFan says:

    Not trying to start a sh1tstorm or anything, but isn't Klee the guy that lots of Leafs fans were glad to dump last year?  Granted, they got Jersey's top offensive prospect for him, but could he not be where Gill is now (and probably doing a better job)?

  4. DeathCab says:

    I don't know, I never minded klee as a leaf, I just loved to see him traded for a younger guy that's all.

    I don't remember hearing too much about his short time in NJ, but glad to see he's found himself a spot somewhere.

  5. Uncleben says:

    Vaananen becomes a RFA in 07/08

  6. Uncleben says:

    I never minded Klee either, but Suglobov seems to be doing good now.

    He currently has 7 pts in 25 games with a salary of .7M, whereas Gill has 6 pts in 28 games and a salary of 2.075M.  Klee is almost more mobile and also uses his body like Gill.

    I would currently take Klee.

    As for his time in NJ, he didn't have single point in the 18 games he played with them.

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