Why Montreal Is NOT Going to Trade Halak

I have reached my limit with Halak rumors. Already, 5 games into the season, he must have been involved in over 5 rumors…

I don’t see why everybody believes Montreal will be trading Halak. If they were going to trade him, do you not think they would have kept him around in the NHL to showcase his talent?

Well they didn’t, and the reason is quite obvious! They are keeping Price in the NHL so that he can be taught first hand by Huet, and gain some NHL starts in preparation for next season when he will take the reigns. Halak is in the minors for a bloody reason people! Gainey wants him to be ready for next season/after the trade deadline when Huet is gone. Halak will have about 45-50 starts with Hamilton, and he will have improved that much more, all in preperation for next season.

It makes no sense to trade Halak, when Huet will be a UFA at years end. Who the hell will we have in nets people? Yann Danis? You’ve got to be kidding. You can not honestly think that if Price goes down Danis is the guy to keep us steady while Price recovers! Halak PROVED that he could come in when needed (in the middle of a playoff race) and provide solid goaltending. He is the sort of guy you want on your team, a guy who was easily one of the only reasons Montreal was still in the playoff picture, yet he didn’t even complain when Carbo decided to go with Huet in the final game! Does that not show character to you? Which other player on the Habs roster would not complain after playing solidly for more than 15 games and then being benched in favor of a guy who hasn’t played in months??? In fact, which player on the Canadiens roster COULD play well for 15 games?

I’d just like to tell all of you guys to please SHUT UP with the Halak rumors. He’s not moving, I’m sick of hearing his name in every rumor on RDS so that they can make their bloody dream trades to bring in another low quality French Canadian player who’ll net no more than freaking 45 points!

If anyone will be traded, it’ll be Huet, and with the stellar play he’s been showing early in the year, we might be able to get something decent in return for him at the deadline
Until the deadline, Montreal will not be moving anybody on their roster, unless it is calling up Matt D’Agostini… So please, wait until the week before the deadline to give us your stupid NHL 2008 trades, I’m sick of them already.

Thanks to all the fans who agree with me that these rumors are getting out of hand.

(Message from HTR Admin) Calm down buddie … go for a walk or something but chill out dude … rumors are for fun and are just that rumors.