Will Cechmanek Fluke???

I need to put an end to a highly debated topic on this site, whether or not Roman Cechmanek (goalie for Philadelphia Flyers) is a fluke.

I think he’s the real thing. The man is 31 years old, a little too old to be a fluke. Also, he has won 5 championships previously in the Czech Republic Elite League, he obviously can handle the pressure of a play-off. Also, he was brilliant the entire season with the Flyers, stealing many games. He was one of the two reasons we were able to have a season over .500 (the other one being Bill Barber and his motivational coaching style).

One last thing, it was not Cechmanek that choked in the play-offs, itwas the entire Flyers team. A goalie can’t go through the play-offs and win a series if he is having no help from his team, it’s impossible. The Flyers defense was terrible, letting up odd-man rushes and several break-aways. In game six (otherwise known as the 8-0 game) you could see some serious choking by the Flyers defense.

Just an issue I felt had to be addressed.

Brian Cuffari