2008 Upcoming Free Agents

These are the player’s who have still not re-signed with there club and will become free agents come July 1st 2008. These are the players on the starting roster for NHL teams.

Anaheim: Ilya Bryzgalov, My opinion is that Ilya will test out the free agency market for a starting job.

Atlanta: Marian Hossa, Steve Rucchin, Bobby Holik, Steve McCarthy, Johan Hedberg. Atlanta will re-sign Hossa and let go of Bobby Holik.

Boston: Shean Donovon, Shawn Thornton, Aaron Ward. Dont have anything to say.

Buffalo: Jochen Hecht, Brian Campbell, Jocelyn Thibault. Losing Drury and Briere to free agency this summer, Buffalo will do all they can in re-signing these 3 guys.

Calgary: Daymond Langkow, Kristian Hueselius, Craig Conroy, Owen Nolan, Stephan Yelle, Miika Kiprusoff. My picks are that Langkown, Hueselius, Yelle, and Kippy will sign.

Carolina: Cory Stillman, Andrew Hutchinson, John Grahame. Canes will re-sign Stillman and I find Grahame is a solid backup so he will also be signed.

Chicago: Radim Vrbata, Jason Williams, Yanic Perrault, Sergei Samsonov, Patrick Lalime. Hawks will release William, Perrault and Lalime, They will sign Samsonov and Vrbata.

Colorado: Joe Sakic, Andrew Brunette, Ian Lapierre, John Michael Liles, Brett Clark, Jose Theodore. Sakic is a Ave for life he will re-sign if not retire, Brunette will also re-sign, Liles is a must re-sign for the Avs. As for Clark Theo and Lapierre they would have to take major pay cuts to stay with the club.

Columbus: David Vyborny, Sergei Federov, Jason Chimera, Ron Haisey. Basically almost the whole skill level of the Jackets is a UFA. If the Jackets dont sign Vyborny, Federov or Chimera they can kiss there season goodbye.

Dallas: Niklas Hagman. I find his a good D-man, he should be re-signed.

Detroit: Dan Cleary, Kris Draper, Dallas Drake, Nicklas Lidstrom, Dominik Hasek, Chris Osgood. Detroit has to focus mostly on Lidstrom after they sign him they can move onto Hasek Cleary Draper Osgood Drake.

Edmonton: Geoff Sanderson. Nothing to say.

Florida: Radek Dvorak. Not much to say.

Los Angeles: Ladislav Nagy, Scott Thornton, Lubomir Visnovsky, Brad Stuart, Rob Blake. Kings must sign Lubby Visnovsky, Nagy and Stuart to keep this franchise alive. Blake should be one of there least worries.

Minnesota: Pavol Demitra, Brian Rolston, Wes Wals, Branko Radiovojekiv. The Wild averaged 2.87 GA last season that was #1 in the league on the other hand there GF last year was 2.33 that was 18th. If you look at the UFA’s there all offensive players signing all of them is key here.

Montreal: Bryan Smolinski, Mark Streit, Christobal Huet. Smolinski most likely wont be wearing a Habs jersey next season. Streit is a key player to sign for the PP. Even if Carey Price has a breakout year this season Montreal should sign Huet to a 1 year contract just incase anything happens.

Nasville: David Legwand, J.P Dumont, Chris Mason. Losing Forsberg and Kariya last year didnt help the 2nd best team last year. Signing these 3 men is a must situation.

New Jersey: Jay Pandolfo, Karel Rachunek. Rachunek is important!

New York Islanders: Miroslav Satan, Mike Comrie, Ruslan Fedetenko, Richard Park, Radek Martinek, Wade Dubielewicz. Satan and Comrie are key signings for this struggling club.

New York Rangers: Brendan Shanahan, Martin Straka, Paul Mara, Michael Rozsival, Stephan Valiquette. Questions have been rising about if Brendan Shanahan would return. I think that it is in best interest that Rangers focus more on Mara and Rozsival to return.

Ottawa: Wade Redden. Wade Redden will not return, he is the biggest name to hit free agency.

Philly: Jason Smith. Philly just got him, and naming him captain should re-sign.

Phoenix: Mike York, M.Tjarnquist. Not much to say,

Pens: Gary Roberts, Mark Recchi, Ryan Malone. Roberts and Recchi will return for there experience and leadership to the team. I think that Malone will hit free agency.

Blues: Doug Weight, Petr Cajanek, Martin Rucinsky, Barret Jackman. Weight and Jackman will return. Cajanek and Rucinsky might or might not.

Sharks: Pat Rissmiler, Curtis Brown. Both will sign with the club.

Tampa Bay: Vaclav Prospal, Jan Havlac, Chris Gratton, Andreas Karlsson, Dan Boyle, Johan Homlquist. Tampa has to sign Dan Boyle Prospal and there #1 goalie Johan Homlquist. Most important here is Boyle.

Toronto: Mats Sundin. Must sign franchise player.

Vancouver: Markus Naslund, Brendan Morrison, Curtis Sanford, Matt Cooke. Naslund and Morrison are a must for this club. Dont be surprised if they get pay cuts.

Washington: Chris Clark, Olaf Kolzig. Is it time for Kolzig to hang the skates and call it a career, if not he will most likely join the club again for another season.

These are my personal opinions, if you have something bad to say keep it to yourself.

40 Responses to 2008 Upcoming Free Agents

  1. puffpenguin54 says:

    wow what a 2007-2008 season that was all them highlight goals and saves

  2. Jenkinstein says:

    Not too bad a list, but the lack of quality UFA forwards (Sundin, Demitra, Conroy, Shannahan, and Dumont are the only notables) now means that many RFAs will be given insane offer sheets.  Ovechkin is RFA this year right? Spezza is as well.  Imagine what they would be offered given their performances.  The only quibbles I have with the list are that Donovan now plays for Ottawa, not Boston, and Chris Kelly is a UFA for Ottawa which they must retain.  There may be more errors, but I didnt check that thoroughly.  Good post overall.

  3. Senatorsfan78 says:

    I think that the Senators will re-sign Donavon also I don't think that Andrew Brunette will re-sign with the Avs he may even be traded by the trade deadline. I don't think that Ian Lapierre won't re-sign with the Avs. As for Gary Roberts probally won't re-sign with the Pens if they don't make it the Stanley Cup final this year.I perdict Gary Roberts will sign next summer the Senators and finish his career with the Senators before he retires.

    I perdict at this years trade deadline that Andrew Brunette will be traded and he will be traded to the Senators.

  4. MapleLeafHater says:

    Lets get this out of the way. The leafs will sign them all. They will force them to fight for their roster spot and all will take massive pay cuts to play for the leafs.

    The lines will look like a bunch of BS that gets posted here everyday.

  5. BruMagnus says:

    Fantastic list. Well done. Great post.
    I remember people (read: idiots) saying how great 2008's UFAs would be and how weak 2007's UFAs were… but even then I and some others were knowledgeable enough to know that guys like Thornton, Iginla, Heatley, etc. would NOT become UFAs.

    This list is looking weak indeed. Not much to choose from, though trades are always a possibility.

    As to your picks, I agree with almost everything. As a Penguins fan, there have been rumors for years about 'this' (meaning every year) being his last. I personally hope he breaks out with 30 goals and 65 points as he's capable of on Malkin's wing. If not, I fully expect him to be traded by the deadline, maybe in a package with Orpik and a prospect (especially if Letang is ready and steps up at last) for a capable winger or top defenseman.

    Living in Vancouver, I know Canucks fans are long over their admiration for one and a half year wonder Naslund. They do not want him or B-Mo to return, unless it's for ridiculously less money. Once again, they had the insane, asanine idea that Heatley was a virtual lock to come to Vancouver to play with the Sedins. Once again, they will have to face several more years of poor playoff performance. Looking at your list, I don't really see many alternatives though for a 2nd line center, but I'm sure they could find through trades or prospects a better player than the decrepid Nazi.

    and don't forget Straka will re-sign with the NYR.

    and here's hoping Lidstrom jumps ship and joins the Penguins. Can you say guaranteed Cup if he does?

  6. BruMagnus says:

    I highly doubt Washington will let AO get an offer sheet, but will re-sign him to $7-8 million money for 4-6 years before that time.

  7. lookche says:

    I reckon it’s too early to predict who will be resigned and who wont be. You say that the Kings need to resign most of their UFA’s to keep their franchise alive, but you’re forgetting that most of them haven’t even played a season game for the Kings.

  8. FarFromFreedom says:

    since when is Niklas Hagman a defenceman???

  9. Hoondog2 says:

    Wow, your name is actually MapleLeafHater, that is somewhat pathetic.

  10. elburito says:

    the best thing Columbus can do is let Federov walk and resign Chimera, Vyborny and Hainsey. The Jackets have some good young forwards in the system and they wont need a washed up bum like Federov.

  11. simplyhabby says:

    I said it last year and I will say it again this year. 

    I recognize the importance Sundin has to the leafs.  He will break Sitler's record and despite my rejections in the past of Sundin, I think he is a great captian for one of the toughest media markets.

    THat being said, if the leafs are not going to make the playoffs, or be a fringe team  (7 or 8th), trade Sundin away for some blue chip youth. 

    Of course, if Toskala plays like he did last night and the leafs play well, they have a shot and may save JFJ's job.  

    As a hockey fan (not the leaf hater I am), its a travesty that Sundin has not won the cup and he should be a deadline deal to a contender for his shot while Toronto can obtain some great prospects to grow around.

    I am surte the leafs could of got Getzlaf for Sudin last year.  Worked out for the ducks anyways (hindsight) but now, Getzlaf price went up so high, good luck getting him through a trade.   

  12. modk09 says:

    I dont think Getzlaf was ever really available, probably more like Bobby Ryan and a pick (rumored compensation for Souray) but I absolutely agree that if theyre not a legitimate contender, the Leafs should trade Sundin because unless they have a real shot at the cup, he will go elsewhere next year in the hopes of winning one before he retires. With Wellwood ready to be the number 1 center and Steen developping, they should be okay down the middle without Sundin and could really land some top prospects if they dealt him to someone who needed an extra push to make the playoffs or contend for the cup. (O’Sullivan+ from LA, Ryan from Anaheim, Bouron and/or Schneider+ from Vancouver something big from San Jose when they move Marleau to Thornton’s wing, etc)

  13. modk09 says:

    listen, I hate the leafs, I hate the crazy leaf fans who make up everything, but you REALLY need to go back and play in your sandbox by yourself cause that was childish and unnecessary

  14. Biggzy says:

    Oh my god what a shitty article.

    Your points are horrible. Kolzig will either play another season or retire, what other options are there, really?

    Don't say "he WILL be signed for less money…or this person WILL not be re-signed." What are you the *****in' commissioner?

    And since when is Niklas Hagman a defensemen lol.

    Get outta here.

  15. neilios says:

    Canucks have shit loads of $$$$ next offseason after Nassy and Moe take some paycuts to there huge salarys,so they should have about 12 million to play with maybe more.So Iam thinking nomore Heatley on the market maybe sign Rolston and marian Hossa thats about 10 million right there and if those 2 aint available maybe trade for one of the big three in TampaBay or maybe even patty Marlaou from the Shark tank Iam hearing its his last chance for him to bring the Sharks to glory or else he can hit the road,and the Canucks have lots of good young prospects to trade for these guys like Schnieder,Grabner,Edler,and etc.

  16. juicer says:

    Yo man Heatley signed with Ottawa 2 days ago 6 years 7.5mill

  17. juicer says:

    And I think Hagman has been a D-man ever since he started playing hockey

  18. jonnygf40 says:

    neilios, neilios, neilios.  What ever will we do with you and your crazy rumors?

  19. FarFromFreedom says:

    No he plays LW and always have since he came into the league. this article was just plain stupid.

  20. riseagainst says:

    I'm pretty sure Mason got an extension so he's off the market, otherwise he'd be one of the better goalie UFAs behind Kip.  I'm thinking Hossa will test free agency, I'd think he would have signed by now if he wanted to stay in Atlanta.  He's definitly the best player in my opinion but I'll be more interested in rfas this summer.  After Clarke and Lowe's offer sheets I'd think it might become more of a common thing, lets hope so because its fun to watch.

  21. chanman says:

    Read: Arrogant prick.

      What a mighty insightful reminder that you once again may assert that you are once again right in your own upstanding opinion.

      Your "knowledge" might be more readily aknowledged if the Brumagnus parade wasn't so obnoxiously loud and arrogant…

  22. silence says:

    The Avs have already re-signed Clark to an extension worth 3.5 per year for 2 years.  Believe me there has been much debate about his contract extension.  Lapperierre has also signed a one year contract extension of similar value to what he is getting now.

  23. 24_cups_and_counting says:

    Hossa's gonna leave hotlanta so when he hits the market expect 7.5+ and Rolston will get  in the 4-5 range. Also, arent the Sedin sisters RFA's? If they are, expect a raise and your 12 million now becomes 8 or so.

  24. kabby-4-kaptian says:

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  25. UsedandAbused says:


  26. habsalicious says:

    There are stil some 2007 unsigned free agents ; )

  27. brianc689 says:

    LOL, according to this article pretty much everybody is a "must sign" or a "key player". If we go by this, next year's free agent market is going to be Wade Redden, Ryan Malone and Bryan Smolinski, and that's about it. Just because a player is important to his team does not mean he will re-sign. And it's way too early to be posting an article like this. A lot can change in 9 months.

  28. BruMagnus says:

    Can't help being arrogant when I'm right more often than not.

  29. BruMagnus says:

    No, there is NO chance the Leafs could have gotten Getlzaf for a rental player.

    The rest of what you say makes sense though. If Sundin can play wing, or if Malkin and Staal shift to the wings, I'd love to trade Malone (someone who would fit perfectly in TO), a prospect and a 2nd (or even 1st) rounder for Sundin at the trade deadline.

    Malkin-Sundin-Recchi (or Roberts to get old teammates back)
    Hall-Talbot-Laraque (it's my impression Ruutu gets demoted or traded after his poor-ass performance of late)

    Not bad lines at all.

  30. BruMagnus says:

    The Canucks won't improve until they start drafting better! It's as simple as that. Aside from the Sedins (two top 3 picks) there has been no good drafting in the past, oh, 10 years. They frequently go off the board, and WAAAAAAY off the board, even for their first round pick, which turns into a bust. We'll see if Grabner becomes even a top 6 in this league anytime soon.

    The nonstop Canucks fantasy of so-and-so player coming to Vancouver (back in the day it was Gretzky, a few years back it was Sakic, a couple years ago it was Kariya, this year it was Heatley) is just that: FANTASY! Yes, Vancouver is one of the most beautiful cities to live in, but for players that want to win the CUP, they know The Canucks are cursed and doomed to failure! Deal with it!

  31. BruMagnus says:

    I agree about Hossa. I mean ATL does have the cash to re-sign him, but I think he walks, or even gets traded if ATL isn't a playoff team by the trade deadline.

    I'd love for him to come to Pittsburgh now that Heatley is off the market, but I know financially that's impossible.

  32. BruMagnus says:

    Don't blame the guy for writing what was really a solid article. He said it was his opinions for who and who would get signed.
    Anyways, a similar article was released just AFTER the trade deadline months ago (for 2008!) with it saying how great next year's trade deadline/ free agency will be with players like Thornton, Marleau, Iginla, Heatley, etc. all up for grabs. Intelligent people replied that teams won't just let such players depart with no returns, or more likely will look to re-sign them. Now just a few months later, we see already how much weaker this year's free agency will be, and I'll bet it gets even shorter given teams new found willingness to negotiate during the season (case in point: Buffalo).

  33. Villanova says:

    i predict you go back to first grade for a year and learn to spell common words like "pREdict"

  34. Senatorsfan78 says:

    You don't know anything about hockey and  that is not how you spell (PREDICT) this is how you spell PERDICT You should Go BACK TO GRADE ONE.

  35. MapleLeafHater says:

    Mom says I’m not allowed in there until I stop eating the treats the neighborhood kitty’s leave for me.

  36. brianc689 says:

    No offense buddy, but it doesn't take an intelligent person to say that the Sharks would try to re-sign Thornton, Flames would try to re-sign Iginla or the Sens would try to re-sign Heatley. These three players are the face of their franchises and are truly vital to the team's success. Whoever wrote that article was looking at what could be next year, the same as this guy is doing, which I find is a waste of time because it is too early. That was not my problem with the article though. My point was that he is referring to everybody as a must sign, even players who have very little value to their team. If you go by this, pretty much everybody will return to their team. Many more players will hit the open market next summer than he is predicting.

  37. Asquaredx2 says:

    Don't bother, bud.

  38. jpmac says:

    Sorry man..you are wrong, hate to bring up spelling on a hockey website but it is predict

  39. BruMagnus says:

    I agree with you there
    I doubt both Morrison and Naslund will return to the Canucks, though one may for the right (cheap) price.

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